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It seems like all necessary inventions have been made, and no other technology in future will make a significant impact as previous inventions have made. Considering previous inventions…
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Is Technological Progress a Thing of the Past
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Technological Progress The lecture contrasts the impact of technology in previous decades and its use in the future. It seems like all necessary inventions have been made, and no other technology in future will make a significant impact as previous inventions have made. Considering previous inventions that have happened over the years, the world has not yet seen the best of technological advancement. It is difficult to make prediction in the future, especially, if it involves innovation and technological research.
Population aging and government debt are two significant impediments to technological process. Government debt means that less money is being ploughed into funding technological process. As a result, people rely on private funding for technological invention, and this is hard to come by in most cases. In addition, the baby boomers generation means the society largely has older populations, who have already seen the best of technology. In the main, this means that there are fewer young and passionate inventors than there were before, and for that reason, there is a possibility of fewer inventions than seen in the past centuries.
Computers have revolutionized operations in the world and enables people conduct operations that they were unable to do before. Its application in technological process means that there are more unlimited possibilities in the future for technological advancements. In the main, no single technological operation that exists without computer applications and simulations. The lecturer affirms that not all the low-hanging fruits of technology have been picked. Computers have the possibility to result in operations that were not possible before.
Even so, there is the possibility of technologies that may revolutionize the world. For instance, the concept of a flying car can be quite interesting. Recently, hybrid cars have been invented, and they have proven their advantages in terms of fuel consumption and safety considerations. Although most important technologies have already happened, the future has unlimited possibilities. Simulation of chemical properties often results in new materials, which were undiscovered before. In addition, computer models sometimes result in accidental inventions, which may be both detrimental and beneficial. This means that technological progress may be both intentional and unintentional, and thus the future is unpredictable.
In conclusion, the limits of technological progress are boundless and one cannot necessarily rule out technological advancement as outdated. Although it may seem like technological advancement is running out of steam, economic and industrial growth largely relies on new technology. It may be slow, it may take time, but the world has not seen the best of technological inventions yet. Trial and error, as well as luck, is in favor of technology. Computer simulations provide unlimited possibilities. Read More
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