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The author states that the influx of immigrants into the US will influence industries and corporations to invest in order to take advantage of the cheaper labor force and intellect from immigrants. However, in the long run, the expanded business will create more jobs for U.S workers…
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Article Analysis of Immigration and the Labor Market
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Increased immigration will increase wages for U.S workers
As argued in the article, the influx of immigrants into US will influence industries and corporations to invest in order to take advantage of cheaper labor force and intellect from immigrants (Porter web). However, in the long run, the expanded business will create more jobs and consequently better wages for U.S workers. Significantly, more jobs will be created when immigrants begin to become choosy in jobs in future.
Wage Increments
It is expected that the wage increments will slightly go down in the near future but rise steadily in the future. As immigrants proliferate job market, high supply versus low demand will bring wage down in the short run. However, as industries grow and expand as they cash in on the cheaper workforce, wage will actually increase due to higher future demand. Additionally, specialization because of availability of diverse workforce will influence wage to rise in future.
Increased Worker Productivity
Immigrants are actually likely to increase worker productivity considering the diversity expertise of the immigrants. The diversity of skills into U.S work industry will promote job specialization as well as injection of new skills and talents not experienced before in U.S. Additionally, considering the cheaper wage for immigrants, the immigrants are likely to bring down cost of living by lowering cost of production.
Ultimate Beneficiaries
The ultimate beneficiaries are actually the U.S citizens. This is because of the high wage expected in the future as well as increased production capacity for the American industries. With influx of cheaper wage especially at low class jobs will bring down cost of production hence making living cheaper for U.S citizens.

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Porter, Eduardo. Immigration and the Labor Market. New York Times. June 25, 2013.Web 26, Feb. 2015. Read More
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