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In the recent years, the organic and particularly small farms growing organic food have received a robust support because of the growing consumer demand…
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Success of small farm
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Success of Small Farm Locally produced, consumed, or sold, also referred to as local food is an emergent concept in the United States food system. In the recent years, the organic and particularly small farms growing organic food have received a robust support because of the growing consumer demand. Nevertheless, small farms growing organic are growing slowly and farmland is not keeping pace with the demand. Many people considered organic farming as an encouraging market niche for particularly the small growers. This paper seeks to address the issues behind the success of organic agriculture among small farmers selling locally sourced produce. The paper will also suggest regarding the significance of the concept of economies of scale.
To begin, as much as organic farming has gained a promising market niche over the years, there are numerous challenges facing the small and medium growers. While this has been valid for a few producers, many small farmers have likewise experienced significant difficulties regarding marketing and selling their products. While rivalry from bigger producers is obviously an essential component, past examination led by the California Institute for Rural Studies has documented a scope of extra marketing difficulties confronting little and moderate sized organic cultivators. This examination tried to acquire in depth data about these difficulties through meetings and surveys with producers, purchasers and specialists acquainted with the organic sector.
Secondly, in microeconomics, economies of scale are the expense points of interest that firms earn because of size of operation and yield, with expense every unit of yield for the most part decreasing with the growing scale as fixed costs are spread out over more units of yield. Many people support local food and it is creating a vibrant new economic laboratory for the organic farmers in America. Probably, the results are enormous in terms of the increasing demand for small-scale organic farming by focusing on dollars as a reworking of old models regarding how farmers get financed and their produce marketed.
Finally, issues particularly influencing organic farmers incorporated the development of the organic farming sector, authorization and rivalry with different other large farmers selling the same produce. Successful small-scale organic farmers are using a system of quality-based advertising to address these difficulties. They are laying much emphasis on the qualities that make their farms extraordinary and are competing on these qualities, as opposed to low costs, where they cannot contend. These effective or successful small-scale agriculturists are utilizing inventive promoting frameworks including solid individual relationships, and additionally the utilization of Internet communication.
In conclusion, marketing of organic farm produce is a major challenge for small-scale farmers in the U.S. although the market is growing rapidly. Farmers must find new ways to market their local foods system to strengthen local demand. It is significant to have improved food safety regulations, expanded opportunities for farmer-farmer networking and increased consumer education. To increase the viability of this important sector of U.S. agriculture, organic farmers must increase opportunities for organizations, policymakers, buyers, farmers and further research for improvement of the sector. Read More
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