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is one of the world’s leading information technology firms incorporated in 1977. It is famous for iconic Macintosh, iPhone, iCloud, iPad and iTunes products. It also has a variety of software products like iOS and OS X for its products. The company has, over the…
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Global Economic Environment and Marketing
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A Brief of Apple Apple Inc. is one of the world’s leading information technology firms incorporated in 1977. It is famous for iconic Macintosh, iPhone, iCloud, iPad and iTunes products. It also has a variety of software products like iOS and OS X for its products. The company has, over the years, increased its global footprint and currently boasts of over 250 major retail stores worldwide. It employs over 35,000 people and makes over $60 billion in gross income (Reuters 2014). Steve Jobs and Stephen Wozniak came together to make the first personal computer. The company had made a net of over $50 million by the end of 1979 and it had become a household name in the United States as the provider of personal computers (Reuters 2014). Wozniak retired in 1985 and Jobs left later that year owing to power issues within the company management.
Between Jobs departure and his return to Apple in 1997, Apple went through a rough patch with changes in leadership and loss of consumer confidence thereby reduced growth prospects. Jobs major idea was to rejuvenate Apple by developing more sophisticated and stylish products which were also user friendly (Gillam, 2012). He also opened up Apple stores as the biggest flagship project towards making global the company and its products. He also ensured that software production became a forefront product. His innovative ideas saw Apple become the second most valuable company by 2010 according to Gillam (2012). Today, the company’s main strategy is the improvement of the current products which is well seen in the current unveiling of iPhone 6. It is worth mentioning that the company also owns FileMaker Inc., Braeburn Capital, Inc. and Locationary Inc. among many others as subsidiaries.
Gillam, S. (2012) Steve Jobs: Apple ICon. ABDO.
Reuters (2014) Profile: Apple Inc (AAPL.O), viewed October 11, 2014 from . Read More
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