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That is no surprise at all as education nowadays proves to be just a privilege and not a right, as opposed to what progressives believe…
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An op-ed piece
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No to Mercy” by John Doe Just as many other college who sadly were not born with a silver spoon, you may have already accumulated massive student loan debt. That is no surprise at all as education nowadays proves to be just a privilege and not a right, as opposed to what progressives believe. Let us face it, college is pricey, and without student loans many would just be drooling over the feel of the classroom and that dreamed college diploma.
However, over the past few years, there have been loads of doubts over the effectiveness of borrowing so much money – even a debt accrued for education. Media reports confirm that the student loan debt has ballooned into a gigantic $870 million – even beating debts on car and credit card! Now that is surprising! And this number is projected to rise exponentially within the next few years.
Therefore, it is reasonable that the Fairness for Struggling Students Act or FSSA has turned out to be the main focus of government agencies, particularly of the education department. The act would enable student loan debts to be stamped out during bankruptcy proceedings. It gained widespread support from the government and education groups seeing it as a potential solution to the economic problem.
Just a couple of days ago, an article written for the Fox News reported that there is a $1.11 trillion “student loans outstanding” and $121 billion of them “are 90-plus days delinquent or in default. And this is on top of the fact that college costs has constantly risen over the past few years while the income of college graduates in industries aside from technology and finance, are tripping over (Verhage, n.p).
I do not particularly understand why student forgiveness acts do help solve the economic problem when there is not much income that can be generated through taxes. The government is simply shelling out billions of money, bailing out students in an unorthodox manner by simply wiping out their student loan debts.
The truth of the matter is: the FSSA is an unfair bill that should deserve disapproval from decent students, despite how buried they are in debt.
First of all, I go for the argument that education is not really a right but is only a privilege. Nobody can legally claim that he or she is entitled to it. But, if the government stresses on private lenders the inability of a student to pay debts and encourage them to rid student loans is just the same as telling that education is a right after all.
This is actually counter-productive for the economy: the problem with the “entitlement culture” is that it ruins the morals and strains the economy.
Another thing that I would like to put up is that default on loans, which is currently at $121 billion, and compelling private lenders to forgive students who could not pay their debts are acts of insult and slight to property rights.
If this trend goes on, and if the bill succeeds and gets formally employed, the United States will certainly be headed off to a path where Uncle Sam proliferates a populace of spoiled brats!
Work Cited
Verhage, Julie (2014, June 03). “The Next Big Bailout: Student Loans.” Fox Business. Online.
Web. 6 June 2014. Read More
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An Op-Ed Piece Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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