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Discussion Post 2 - Comparative Advantage - Essay Example

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This notion has been around for several decades. This region also has an effect on the establishment of some of the leading technology companies ranging from silicon to search and…
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Discussion Post 2 - Comparative Advantage
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Extract of sample "Discussion Post 2 - Comparative Advantage"

Discussion Post 2 - Comparative Advantage Discussion Post 2 - Comparative Advantage Most entrepreneurs claim that the center of technological entrepreneurship is the Silicon Valley. This notion has been around for several decades. This region also has an effect on the establishment of some of the leading technology companies ranging from silicon to search and social (Redmond, 2012). This paper will discuss how Los Angeles is slowly emerging as the next Silicon Valley.
If research is conducted on the next Silicon Valley, there are a variety of probable answers that can be collected. In most cases, most individuals will mention New York, Boston and New England. However, if the research is based on structural advantages and trends in data, then, Los Angeles will emerge as the next Silicon Valley (Redmond, 2012). According to various sources, Los Angeles has built momentum over the last three years. In fact, Los Angeles has established a tough foundation for emerging as the next hub for technology entrepreneurship.
On the other hand, states like New England and Southern California, also pose a powerful probability of becoming the next Silicon Valley. In 1995, Southern California attracted up to $1.3 million while Silicon Valley and New England attracted $1.8 million and $0.8 million of business enterprise capital investment (Redmond, 2012). Later on, in 1999, the internet had attracted other entrepreneurs in the regions hence, increasing the investments. In this period, New England also managed to grow rapidly as compared to South California. In the past five years, New York and Southern California have substantially increased their investments. These locations have boosted three crucial structural merits. These structural advantages include significant technical talent, capital availability and entrepreneurship culture.
Los Angeles has developed in terms of technical talent that is attributed by the heritage of engineering and technical innovation. Most of the tertiary institutions in Los Angeles are producing more graduates in the technical field. Furthermore, the country is also attracting more learners across the world to join the technical studies (Redmond, 2012). In fact, most of the government funds are directed to invest in entertainment and media facilities. The most exemplary example in this case is the presence of Google in the country, which has a substantial focus on the technical sector. Los Angeles has also been influenced by strong investors who are partnering with the entrepreneurs in the country in order to build technology companies. The entrepreneurs in Los Angeles have a considerable advantage over the other countries due to their proximity to the Valley (Redmond, 2012).
Lastly, entrepreneurial culture in Los Angeles has also boosted the countries in terms of technology. Southern California also has a strong presence in the entrepreneurial culture. Most of the citizens in the country have managed to come up with exemplary ideas in various technological fields. On the other hand, Los Angeles has a different professional view from Boston and New York. This is because, in Los Angeles, the aspect of entrepreneurship is pervasive. According to most researchers, Los Angeles has attracted an unusually high rate of entrepreneurial activity between 2009 and 2011. This asserts that most individuals aim at establishing companies in Los Angeles (Redmond, 2012).
Redmond, N. (2012). Why Los Angeles is emerging as the next Silicon Valley. Retrieved from Read More
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Discussion Post 2 - Comparative Advantage Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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