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The paper "China’s Economy" states that Steinfeld notes that, despite China’s effort of expanding and restructuring its global and domestic economy, the China’s economy has not been a threat to the western nations. Nonetheless, China’s economy is threatened by the global economic crisis…
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Chinas Economy
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Extract of sample "Chinas Economy"

EconomyWatch. (30 June. The Chinese Economy: Market liberalization in the Chinese economy has brought its economy forward by leaps and bounds - but rural China remains poor, even as its cities increase in affluence. Retrieved August 5, 2012, from
According to economy watch, China’s economy is already immense and is still expands rapidly. The rapid growth in China’s economy is based on the country’s reform and its direct foreign investment and open trade with other world economies (EconomyWatch, 2010). According to this article, china joining the world trade organization was a significant boost to China’s economy.
Zheng, Y., & Tong, S. Y. (2010). China and the global economic crisis. Singapore: World Scientific.
According to Zheng and Tong, the global economic slowdown poses a greater risk to China’s economy. It further notes that, despite the current global financial crisis, China’s economy still recorded 7.6 per cent growth. China has achieved this through its effective use of information evolution, and the increased use of the same will enhance its global trading (Zheng and Tong, 2010).
Nolan, P. (2001). China and the global economy: National champions, industrial policy, and the big business revolution. Basingstoke: Palgrave.
According to Nolan, the investors are deeply concern with the slugging of China’s economy. He notes that this deceleration is pegged on the global economic crisis and its sovereign debt crisis with Europe and the United States economies (Nolan, 2001). However, the Chinese government is taking corrective measures towards these economic slowdowns.
Lardy, N. R. (2012). Sustaining Chinas economic growth after the global financial crisis. Washington, DC: Peterson Institute for International Economics.
Lardy notes that other global economic players influence China’s economy; therefore, its economic stability depends on global security. The influx into this security would be a formidable challenge to China and other economies (Lardy, 2012). From this contribution, it is clear that the companies’ movement, industrial sector, trends, government policies, and micro and macroeconomic players influence current China’s economy. Therefore, China’s economy is the influence of state and none state entities.
Steinfeld, E. S. (2010). Playing our game: Why Chinas economic rise doesn't threaten the West. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Read More
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