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How Can America Prevent Salary Dumping due to the Onslaught of Cheap Foreign Labor and Does America Lose Its World Supremacy - Assignment Example

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The paper "How Can America Prevent Salary Dumping due to the Onslaught of Cheap Foreign Labor and Does America Lose Its World Supremacy?" invites American authorities to tax corporations that export cheap workers from abroad and discusses the likelihood of moving the world capital to East Asia. …
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How Can America Prevent Salary Dumping due to the Onslaught of Cheap Foreign Labor and Does America Lose Its World Supremacy
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Extract of sample "How Can America Prevent Salary Dumping due to the Onslaught of Cheap Foreign Labor and Does America Lose Its World Supremacy"

1. As the U.S. economy has become more closely integrated with the global economy, a decrease in the number of relatively low-skilled jobs with good pay has occurred. Clearly the economic strength of the overall nation generates problems for some people. What if anything, can the U.S. government do about this problem? Explain. How likely is it that the U.S. government has the power to do something about this problem in the face of global economic forces, such as MNCs, global money markets and regional (NAFTA, EU, ASEAN, etc.) and global (WTO) trade blocks and agreements? 
The government can address this by penalizing through the imposition of high taxes those companies who are subcontracting or exporting jobs abroad. This will in effect discourage companies to export jobs because it will become expensive to subcontract jobs. This arrangement is still possible because the government did not prohibit companies to relocate work but only formulated a strategy that does not give business incentive to export jobs.
2. Explain the importance of East Asia as an economic powerhouse. Is economic or political power shifting from North America (and specifically the United States) toward East Asia? Explain. Which historical and economic reasons might prevent East Asia from acting as a unified region in world politics?
In economics, US economy is about eight times bigger than China and has also massive industrial and technological complex that can sustain the output and growth of its economy.  Its currency is still used as the worlds reserve currency and it is not likely that the US dollar will be replaced by other currency soon (Business Monitor International, 2009 pg. 23). China on the other hand lacks multinational corporations and does not even have its own industrial complex making its economy heavily dependent on Western enterprise
Also, the huge size of US economy enables it to allocate a military budget equaled by none.  It only allocates 4% of its total GDP on defense but due to the sheer size of its economy, this translates to a $600 billion military budget (Jinghao, 2008).  US has also the most advance weaponry in the world.  US military arsenal is already capable of stealth combat with its F22 fighters and B52 long range bombers.  To date, US has already completed the informationalization of its military that is leading to the “no man”, networking orientation which is a powerful global combat strength (Pastor, 2001).  United States is also capable of projecting power beyond its border.  Its 12 aircraft careers enable it to deploy troops and military assets anywhere in the world when the need arises.  In addition, it has military bases abroad as a manifestation of its extensive military presence overseas (Business Monitor International, 2009 pg 24). 
Business Monitor International (2009). “Chapter 4 Special Report”. Australia Business Forecast Report, Q4 2009, p29-36.
Jinghao, Zhou (2008). "Does China’s Rise Threaten the United States?" Asian Perspective 32(3): 171. .
Pastor, Robert (2001). "China and the United States: Who Threatens Whom?" Journal of International Affairs 54(2). Read More
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