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Economic and Financial Factors that Affect Capital and Revenue Funding For Social Housing - Coursework Example

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This paper talks about the role of Social Housing programs in improving housing conditions in different countries. It also focuses on economic and financial factors that determine the volume of financing of such programs and their overall effectiveness.

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Economic and Financial Factors that Affect Capital and Revenue Funding For Social Housing
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Extract of sample "Economic and Financial Factors that Affect Capital and Revenue Funding For Social Housing"

Download file to see previous pages The paper endeavors to focus on the gamut of economic and financial factors, which influence the decision made on Social Housing. The study of economic factors pertaining to Social Housing programs are conducted in close relation to the models of granting housing subsidies like tax credits and housing allowances. Similarly, the financing initiatives of Social Housing programs are found to be an amalgamation of different financial instruments like loans, bonds, subsidies and private funding.
Research made on the housing conditions of the European countries reflects general improvement of such in countries associated to the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe.
However, with the changes in consumer tastes and preference patterns it is observed that new problems have started to crop up in spite of such developments.
The effects of factors like immigration of people from different nations to European countries have contributed to altering the social dynamics of the countries.
In the European context the government of the state helps extend financial aid to major banks in regards to social housing policies. The level of state aid extended to the banking sector helps them to continue giving loans and grants at times of severe economic depression also.
Social Housing schemes are gaining increased popularity around the world owing to the innovations offered in the process of constructing the houses.
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