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Economic System - Essay Example

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The Essay Title is Centered and Capitalized Free-market economic system is found to be more effective than mixed economy because of several reasons. Free market system is naturally able to impart efficiency because in this system of economy nothing would restrict customers from buying products from the company they choose…
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Economic System
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Extract of sample "Economic System"

Download file to see previous pages Free market economic system induces competition among different companies for there is no external evaluation. Presence of numerous competing companies brings great benefits to the consumers. Each company would strive to give their best as they would be thrown out of the market if found inferior. Free market permits full competition between companies. This would force companies to offer their best goods and services so that they will not be neglected by the consumers. Companies would compete in making better cheaper products in free market economies. Higher quality services and excellent products would fill the market because of competing companies. Free market also offers better freedom to consumers as they would be free to buy what they choose. Free market is therefore considered more effective than other economic systems. Mixed economy does not offer freedom and choice for consumers as well as companies. Restrictions, interferences and extreme control over business activities would discourage businesses. Excessive control would also make businesses incur more costs. Restrictions would limit certain companies with providing competitive products and services. This would make consumers deprived of numerous choices that they enjoy in a free market system. Mixed economy system is thus considered less efficient than free market system. ...
If free market system is imposed, business would flourish, producing varieties of products. More people would continue to buy products and services as numerous varieties of products and services arrive in the market. As businesses grow and flourish more people would be hired for work. This would lessen the problem of unemployment in the society. If businesses flourish and expand the society would be freed of unemployment. This would stimulate the economy and brings an overall growth. In a mixed economy there would be heavy taxation and external interferences. Excessive taxation would affect the incentives and benefits directly. This would discourage people so that they would not work efficiently. Lack of incentives dishearten employees and make them deliver less work. This would affect companies and the products they offer. This hampers development in all sectors of the society. Mixed economic system is thus considered less efficient than a free market economy. In a free market economic system agreements are made faster compared to a mixed economy system. Interference from government would slow down the agreements in a mixed economy system. Governments are notoriously slow in making decisions and implementing it. Policy making takes its own time and delays all the subsequent activities. Government would make decisions and assign the work to the concerned departments. This allocation, decision-making and implementation lag and often shift towards a pending status. Allocation of resources and its disbursement also get delayed in a system where government is in control. In a free market economic system such delays and laggings are absent as there is no intervention or restriction from the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Economic System Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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1. JOB COSTING: It is also called specific order costing. It is adopted by industries where there is no standard product and each job or work order is different from the others. The job is done strictly according to the specifications given by the customers and usually, the job takes only a short time for completion. The purpose of...
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The growing middle class of China and India results in booming demand for the automobile industry. This increase in demand, with the increasing purchasing power of these countries’ people, is not limited to automobiles but more apparent in...
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In a computer, a processor commonly involves one or more microprocessors (also acknowledged as chips), which are silvers of silicon or other substance stamped with many little electronic circuits. To perform operations on data, the computer passes electricity all the way through circuits to execute an instruction (Norton 2001.p. 5). The innovation in technology has brought a lot of facilities for us. We have better ways of life and all the facilities regarding better production and domestic tasks. Such as in the industrial production we have automatic robots that are welding, packing, moving and carrying out several other development-related tasks. These robots are pre-programmed and microprocessors based chips are controlling all...
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The country’s economy is fast growing with a stable political system that encourages foreign investment although with certain restrictions. The country generally has good energy, transport and communication systems which make the cost of doing business affordably.

The Republic of India found South of Asia is by far the world’s most populous democracy and ranks seventh largest in terms of geographical area (Brown, 1994). India is also the second most highly populated country in the world. The country has a rich culture with four major religions having originally emerged from it; Sikhism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism. The Indian Republic consists of seven union territories and 28 states and ranks twelfth la...
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This is also the position Stone (2007) takes in the quote under discussion.
Furthermore, Stone goes on to declare that Australia has been very slow to implement this practice as compared with other countries and government agencies. One of the primary reasons is that the public policy system in Australia is quite complex and the decision-makers have not come into agreement on where to place it in the policy matrix. This leaves Interprofessional Practice and Education in the dark (or the cold) as far as strategic planning for implementation as well as placing itself within the funding cycles of the government disbursements. (Stone, 2007)
Policies are created in order to put in place how politicians and government official...
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They are on trial and will be dealt with fairly. These laws ensure that no one, even if he or she has committed a crime is abused or punished cruelly.
Following the history of civilization like in china, we see the traces of systems for Criminal justice in order to provide safety for the citizens. Evolving through the years laws have been modified and changed to form the system that we know today.
 From its start, the “U.S. criminal justice system” has advocated the idea of “checks and balances”. To avoid dictatorial rule, the people who founded this system in such a way that one person was not given control or authority completely to punish the criminals. The idea of assigning a ‘jury...
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Bernard Madoff : A Scapegoat of the Economic Crisis

Darwin was condemned and treated with contempt by the Church for proposing the theory of evolution that linked all living matter in the earth, including humans. In the case of Bertrand Russell, he was imprisoned as a conscientious objector, for expressing his opposition to British participation in the First World War. These are typical examples of people being wrongfully punished when they were guilty of no crime or fraud or misdoing. It would be highly improper to associate Bernard Madoff with the aforementioned luminaries, for he was truly guilty of carrying out the biggest financial fraud in modern history. At the same time, it would be simplistic to classify him as a victim of the contemporary judicial system. The truth, in fa...
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International Business: World Economic Forum and Davos 2010

...Introduction Globalization, one of the most hotly debated issues means global capitalism to some while others consider it to be the continuation of modernism with the forces of wealth, progress, democracy and happiness at play (Kellner, 2002). Globalization is considered to be beneficial which promotes economic prosperity, cultural diversity and technological advancement. According to the critical social theory, technology and capital work together to create a new globalized and interconnected world. While each force of globalization is important, technological revolution has impacted the business models, value creation and differentiation (Spelman, 2010). The cloud computing technologies that have made the popular social networking...
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Globalization and World Economic Forum at Davos 2010

... economy and national culture (Mittelman, 2000). World Economic Forum and Davos 2010 The theme of this annual meeting is to improve the state of the world and rethink, redesign and rebuild. This annual meeting was to rethink the business models, financial innovation and risk management. This rethinking is sought to trigger redesign attempts at the institutions at the national and international levels. The aim of redesign is to close the gaps in governance, prevent systemic failures and restore growth. This effort requires common vision, collaborative innovation and public-private partnership to succeed in the long term. The prerequisite would be to rebuild trust. The meeting focused on the following six areas of enquiry: 1. strengthening...
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