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Walmart - Research Paper Example

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25th November 2013 Walmart Company overview Walmart Stores is a US based retail company that deals with various products in the local and international market. Being the largest retail shop in the world, Walmart has acquired a competitive edge in the market based on its quality brands that are not only demanded in the US market but also in the foreign countries…
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Extract of sample "Walmart"

Download file to see previous pages Walmart headquarters are based in Arkansas, US. Under the leadership of Robson Walton and Mike Duke, the chairman and the President respectively, the company has embarked on diversification of its product portfolio in order to face off its key competitors in the market. Some of the notable products that the company provides include warehouse clubs, superstore, Apparel, Shoes & Accessories footwear and food products among others. Walmart Stores opened its first store in 1970 in its home country. Based on its good financial performance during its establishment, the store became a public held company in 1970. Based on the need to strengthen its capital base and bring more investors on board, the company was listed in the New York Stock Exchange thus making it to freely sell its stock to the local and foreign investors. Due to Walmart establishment of stores in various market and strong positive relationship with the customers, the store has for a long time enjoyed increase in revenue. For example, in 2012-2013 financial year, the company revenue stood at US$ 469.162 billion. The net income was US$ 16.999 billion while the company operating income stood at US$ 27.801 billion. In the same year, the company total assets were US$ 203.105 billion. ...
One of the major divisions is the Walmart Stores US. Being the largest, the store consists of there key retail outlets namely supercenters, Walmart markets and discount stores. Walmart plays in the monopolistic market structure. One of the major aspects that make the store to emulate a monopolistic economic model is that it emulates product differentiation in its operations. Additionally, the firm operates in an industry with many firms locally and in the global market. Based on its significant market share, it is worth to note that Walmart has some degree of market power an aspect that is characterizes firm in a monopolistic market structure. Major competitors Based on the free entry aspect of the retail industry, Walmart is faced by various competitors in the US market and in the UK market as well as in other countries. For example, in the North America market major competitors are Target, Meijer, Kmart, Big Lots, Costco and ShopKo. In UK, the company is faced with stiff competition from Tesco. In their efforts to face off Walmart in the market, the competitors have embarked on extensive marketing strategies that include selling of products that are low priced as well as similar to those provided by Walmart. For example, Target, the second largest retail shop in US, offers direct competition to Walmart by opening more that 1,920 distribution centers in US. Additionally, Target differentiates its products from those of Walmart and other competitors by offering upscale merchandise at lower prices. On its part, Tesco maintains a 30% of the UK market due to its extensive market strategies and provision of wide range of products that includes Tesco mobile, food products, clothing, financial services and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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... Case for management at Wal-Mart Introduction Wal-Mart is a regional retail cooperation that has recently developed to become one of the largest companies in sales, in the United States. Sam Walton created Wal-Mart in 1962. Even though it displayed a successful record in its development over the years, it has experienced various hurdles that proved a difficulty for its maturity to a stable state (Wal-Mart Stores 17). This can be shown by some other discount retailing firms that together with Wal-Mart started within that same period. For example, the Kmart which was started by the Kresge corporation, Target started by Dayton Hudson and the Wool co initiated by F.W Woolworth. With the domestic location of its stores, Wal-Mart growth...
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... than their competitors, which it has managed to accomplish largely due to embracing technology. Technology has enabled Walmart to be a leading innovator in the retail industry. Global communication systems can be used to improve services offered in many departments of the company, ranging from customer service, distribution, management and sales (Croasdell et al., 2003). At Walmart, executives have adopted a communication system to enable them supervise auxiliary staff in thousands of stores. Oral communication had been the norm at Walmart for many years, but with the globalization of the company and an increase in the number of stores, the need for adopting global communication systems was a necessity. It therefore led to the development...
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It was the real beginning of the success story. He was successful in running the store. When the period of the agreement expired he started a new franchisee in Arkansas and he named the store as “Waltons Five and Dime”. There he applied the technique of selling more by reducing the price of the products which resulted in revenue increase. In the year 1962 Walton opened the first-ever Walmart store in Arkansas. Walmart stores were also called as Walmart discount Stores. In five years he opened other 23 Walmart stores in Arkansas. In 1968 Walton opened Walmart stores in other places in America like Sikeston, Claremore Oklahoma, and Missouri. Walmart got incorporated in the year 1969 and after a couple of years, it regist...
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... Watch UK, 2004). The expansion strategy of Walmart became phenomenal therefore; companies usually idealized the Walmart strategic development history. Actually, the exceptional history of strategic development of Walmart in ever-changing global economic system show the rest of the companies that how successfully a company can perform by adopting the right strategies. Actually Walmart offers everything which a person can imagine therefore, wherever Walmart expanded; no retail store was safe from its competition. According to Fortune, Walmart is considered as the second most admired company in the world and its corporate strategy has four components. These components include dominance of Walmart in the retail market, the expansion of company...
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...rol the secure credit card transactions, verify credit cards and transaction databases. Consumer tastes have been changed not only in physical patterns but they altered in perceptions. For example, Hanna (p 308) argued that when consumers stop buying from a company, the possibilities because of poor product quality are only 14 percent while 68 percent comes from consumers’ bad buying experiences such as being treated rudely by the staffs. So, an organization which formerly focused on its superior product quality strategy ought to pay attention on its Human Resource strategy and customer responsive programs. 3. WHAT ARE WALMART’S STRENGTHS, WEAKNESSES, OPPORTINITIES, AND THREATS (SWOT ANALYSIS)? WHAT CONCLUSIONS DO YOU DRAW ABOUT ITS...
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..., particularly its poor business practices, but this research will be limited to female discrimination only. keyword: Wal-mart, discriminations. female employees Walmart Female Discrimination and What Can Be Done to Change it Introduction Wal-Mart is one of the largest retail corporations operating worldwide. Because it is a big enterprise, employees hope that it will provide them with a good future in employment. However, there are many reports and cases of discriminations filed against this company. Not only one, but a class suit that means, a lot of employees are complaining, particularly women who say they are disadvantaged in terms of pay and promotions. This report will take an insight of these...
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...Resource Strategy and Productivity at Walmart). Limitations The “Sundown rule“, which says that whatever can be done today, should be completed instead of delaying it for tomorrow. The employees, who used to give extraordinary effort and achieve the goals, were rewarded with “profit sharing plan and stock ownership scheme”. The employees who used to work for long hours were not paid by any overtime incentives (Human Resource Strategy and Productivity at Walmart). Walton opposed unionization, as he believed that it would lead to a payment of higher salary to the employees and would restrict their working rules (Human Resource Strategy and Productivity at Walmart). If...
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Walmart Expansion to Ukiah, California

... a number of improvements to the Walmart store seeking to increase its hours of operation and increasing its business base. The project however has a number of strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities as addressed in this SWOT analysis (Fine, 2009). Strengths The project aims at expanding its building enlarging the existing 109,030 square foot Walmart store space to 156,651 square feet including the outdoor garden space. The project targets to add 47,621 square feet to the current flow area. This expansion would allow flexibility during the entitlement process. The project also takes into consideration sustainable features that which would establish as the leading retailer in addressing global warming and implementing sustainable...
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In fact, they have to learn the prevailing forces in their industry, allowing them to analyze the best move as possible that they could take in order to survive in a tough competition. These are some of the best moves that they need to put into the account in order to compete and create novel acts to create something new, be innovative to think of possibilities and ensure their market growth. This is clearly evident in the case of Wal-Mart, a company that is known as the scale brand. Prior to obtaining this brand success for this firm, there are specific moves that it clearly employed. This is the most interesting point that the work at hand emphasizes in great detail. There are relevant theories that could support this claim and...
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Operational Challenges and Ethical Issues Faced by Walmart Inc

...of operation with the DC Council members as well as Labor unions within the region in order to ensure that they reach a mutual agreement that would benefit all the stakeholders ( n.d). References Biggest Challenge for Walmart Suppliers?. (n.d.). 8th Walton Blog. Retrieved April 21, 2014, from CSR Press Release. (n.d.). RSS. Retrieved April 21, 2014, from CSR Profile of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.. (n.d.). RSS. Retrieved April 21, 2014, from...
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Impact of Walmart mission on Overall Success

.... This vision and mission has been the reason for the company’s overall success. Walmart on basis of these values has developed strategies to offer wide range of products at lowest prices in the market. Its primary stakeholders also play a major role in the success of the company. For instance healthy relationship with suppliers enables the company to make bulk purchases at competitive prices and then pass on its savings to the customer base (Johnson & Scholes, 2003, pp. 67-68). Employees as stakeholders have a positive impact on the success in terms of their increased efficiency and dedication. On the other hand customers being another primary stakeholder helped the retail chain to enhance their growth through high level of loyalty...
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