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How Terorism Affects the Individual Decision Weather to Go to a Tourist Destenation - Term Paper Example

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The present paper looks for the elaborating the negative impact of terrorism nuisance on the passion and ambitions of the tourists, determined to embark upon visiting some particular region of their choice, with recreational motives. The study has been supported with the Travel Decision Model, Risk Management Theory and Rational Model Theory articulated by Gary Becker. …
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How Terorism Affects the Individual Decision Weather to Go to a Tourist Destenation
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Extract of sample "How Terorism Affects the Individual Decision Weather to Go to a Tourist Destenation"

Download file to see previous pages The research conducted on the topic above-mentioned, on the basis of the research findings, manifestly endorses the supposition that the terrorism surge has put the tourism activities to an imperative extent. It is therefore, there is a reverse relationship between terrorism and tourism; somehow, terrorist activities have boosted the risk management services, which exhibit a positive association between terrorism and tourism. The current research aimed to present some recommendations and suggestions after the conduction of this in-depth research process, for the further researches, so that the same or relevant topics could be discussed and analyzed in more comprehensive and wide-ranged way in future. The present research is interested in conducting study on a smaller scale by taking sixty individuals as the universe for the present research. The respondents would belong to the individuals of the age group from 25 and 55 years, the years that are considered to be the most active ones with traveling point of view. The study has been conducted in Tel Aviv region of Israel. As a result, the units of analysis have also been selected from Tel Aviv. Travel agents, visa consultants, investors, businessmen, members of the political authority and tourists would be interviewed during the research process. Interview schedule as well as participant observation techniques will be applied during the research conducting, where the trends and impact of terrorism on tourism will be minutely witnessed. After the research process, the data gathered during the process will be arrayed and tabulated in order to present it in an arranged, precise and comprehensive manner for the convenience of the readers and analysts alike. TABLE OF CONTENTS Abstract Table of Contents List of Tables Hypothesis, Operationalization of Concepts and Research Procedure: 27 The present chapter discusses the findings of the research conducted while exploring the impact of the surge of terrorism on tourism and tourism risk management, which have been presented in the tabular form, as well as has been supported with figures respectively, in order to present in a precise but comprehensive manner, which could be studied in the following lines: 33 Table 1 33 Age in Years 33 Frequency 33 Percentage 33 25-30 33 13 33 21.67 33 30-35 33 12 33 20.00 33 35-40 33 10 33 16.67 33 40-45 33 8 33 13.33 33 45-50 33 11 33 18.33 33 50-55 33 6 33 10.00 33 Total 33 60 33 100.00 33 Table 1 demonstrates that nearly three fifth of the respondents belonged to the age-group from 25 to 40 years, while nearly one third of the respondents ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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