Improvement of Health Care Services Received by Indigenous People in Australia - Essay Example

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This paper talks about the current state of Australian Health system in regards to provision of medical services to Indigenous population. Also the essay outlines potential policy changes that might improve health outcomes for this population group in the country…
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Improvement of Health Care Services Received by Indigenous People in Australia
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Extract of sample "Improvement of Health Care Services Received by Indigenous People in Australia"

Download file to see previous pages This paper focuses on health care services received by Indigenous Australians and necessary policy changes to improve health outcomes for this population. Indigenous health In Australia, there are two groups of Indigenous population who have been in the country for more than 60,000 years: Aboriginal people from the Australian continent and the island state of Tasmania, and Torres Strait Islanders. These groups together comprise up to 2-4 percent of the total Australian population (Anderson et al., 2006, p.1776). Research has proved that the standard of general health of Indigenous Australians is much lower than that of the majority of Australians, and this would have been revolutionary matter if it had existed in the broader community. Periodically various reports are released regarding the appalling health conditions of the Aboriginal communities that create shock waves and induce demands for appropriate actions. However, such reports seem to have little impact on health policies for the Aboriginals and very soon the gravity of the situation is forgotten till the next report is released (Saggers & Gray, 2007, p.1). The differences in health conditions arise from social inequalities. Although some important elements are differences in accessibility of health services as well as differences in lifestyle, but major factors that determine unequal health status between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians are the circumstances under which they are born, grown up and work (Marmot, 2011, p.512). General population studies have proved that Indigenous Australians have greater mortality and disability rates at every phase of life than non-Indigenous Australians. This is because the former...
This paper focuses on health care services received by Indigenous Australians and necessary policy changes to improve health outcomes for this population. Health care system provides beneficial packages to every member of the society with the objective of providing quality health care services to ensure enhanced health outcomes. The health care industry is always undergoing changes and is under constant pressure to deliver the best services. Public demand of quality health care services is increasing and the cost involved in providing these services is also increasing.
There is wide disparity in the health conditions between the Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. This has been accepted by the United Nations committees as part of their human rights issues and is accepted by the Australian governments.
Indigenous health research can be a promising field considering there is efficiency and fairness in the research activities to improve medical services for the Aboriginal people. There should be sufficient planning and preparation, and the researchers should be communicating with the Indigenous communities and should work in collaboration with the people to ensure that research outcomes are practical, ethical and culturally sensitive.
It is not required that new policies are designed or new strategies are made; instead the focus should be on executing the current Indigenous health programs in a more efficient and ethical manner. Focus should also be given on education to Indigenous people to enhance health awareness.
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