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Gambling - Research Paper Example

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Effects of Gambling The rise of gambling in most parts of the world resulted from the acceptance that gambling is a source of recreation and its economic benefits and tax benefits in the associated communities. As more individuals continue to engage in different forms of gambling, it continues to influence the economy since it involves the exchange of money for one party to another…
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Extract of sample "Gambling"

Download file to see previous pages In the UK, more people are investing in gambling totaling to millions of Dollars and the returns on investment is good (Arnold, 2007). According to Stuart, the increased number of Casinos has exposed the young and vulnerable children to social problems like prostitution and drug trafficking. The economy of an area improves due to increased businesses from the people involved in gambling, and the taxes levied by the state are also significant (Arnold, 2007). Therefore, about 48% of the population will attempt to gamble if a casino is located within their locality because they will be attracted by it. Moreover, in New Hampshire, the total worth of casino investment total to about $180 million and the government takes about 30 to 40 percent of this in taxes. Most of the states in the USA have legalized gambling despite opposition from Non-Governmental Organizations over the social effects to the communities. Before 1989, only Nevada had legalized gambling and by 1995, eight states had legalized gambling even though gambling was done in other states but illegally (Walker, 2009). Easy tax benefits have encouraged other states to legalize gambling so that they can enjoy the tax benefits and the leisure that comes with the game. Today, there are fifteen states that allow commercial casinos and private companies and private individuals operate them. The states according to yahoo data are Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, South Dakota, and Washington. According to California State library, most of the states are enjoying huge financial benefits from taxes levied from gambling and the associated activities. The following were the earnings in million dollars from different states form gambling according to California State Library Advantages of gambling The tax revenues for countries states that have legalized gambling are very significant to the development of the economy. Some states have been shown to earn as high as eight percent of their budget from gambling business, and the figure has continued to rise over time (Walker, 2009). According to walker, good results from casino gambling and rotaries are impressive that most states are considering legalizing other forms of gambling like horseracing. The tax gains from gambling facilities is higher (30%) compared to tax from the direct sales therefore, most states cannot risk losing the luxurious gambling practice due to its tax benefits. Casinos are always associated with crime, and since it has, been found that it is the perfect place where criminals make use of their money (Walker, 2009). Moreover, the presence of casinos is known to attract tourist who carry cash and therefore, criminals find it as a perfect place to make their strikes. According to Walker, there are high rates of crime in states where casinos are legalized as opposed to states where casinos are prohibited. Casino promotes crimes due to luxurious nature of the business. The presence of casinos also encourages laziness to the youths who most often find it as a perfect resting place instead of being creative in doing something constructive. The job opportunities ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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... claims that casino industry generates significant new jobs, wealth, and rejuvenate local economies. Casino industry is believed to have contributed much in the local taxes and had increased revenue income. However, such advantage is outweighed by the wide range of its impacts it exerted on the individual gambler, the family, and the society in general. Gambling is considered bad as it negatively affects the individual’s emotional, psychosocial, and physical health, as well as it threatens the family relationship, impacted on children, and cause money problem within the family, lastly, it negatively impacted on the economy and reputation of the society. Body Impact on Individual Gambling negatively affects the individual gambler’s emotional...
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Gambling gambling also, suffers from its impact, positive as well as negative. The business of gambling has been a major contender of policy makers’ dialogue since long. But unfortunately, the lack of research, especially eminent research has been hindering any positive conclusions. Furthermore, contentious and biased suggestions and studies made in this field are disabling people to determine the bang of gambling in true essence. INTRODUCTION Many countries, especially the ones suffering from economic adversity consider that gambling can be a universal remedy and magic potion to their economic and social problems. Countries having high rate of unemployment deem...
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Gambling Addicition

... and excessive gambling disorder is highly experienced by the population of US, this issue is so huge that it has even caught the attention of different media outlets and several movies, novels and stories such as “The Rocking Horse Winner” has been created regarding the subject (Lawrence 1). According to statistics provided by PHSY, men participate more in gambling than the female gender, around 80% of the population of US is involved in gambling per year and around 5% of them are suffering from gambling disorders, while this issue even prevails among the young adults of America (Phys 1). In a short story named “The Rocking-Horse Winner”, Lawrence states that Paul, who is young, tends to gamble with the assistance of his/her pocket money...
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Gambling Addiction

.... Understanding and preventing it, is therefore important for the society as well as for the country. Discussion Before one can write about gambling, one must understand the nature of its addiction. Addiction according to Henderson is "a complicated condition, with biological, physiological, psychological, behavioral and spiritual aspects. For this reason it is best to think of...addiction as multifaceted disorders, only one of which is the compulsive use of the addicting substance." (3) Individuals who are addicted (whether to alcohol, drugs, gambling or sex etc.) demonstrate particular behavior such as loss of control over the behavior, and continue to engage in the addiction despite negative consequences (Henderson 4...
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Gambling Industry

..., in the international market gambling has gained a significant role for the developed economies like America, France, Japan and Canada. The first step taken by the Singapore Government in order to introduce the casinos officially in the international market was in 2005 by providing licenses to two of the casinos in Singapore. There were many controversies and remarks that went against the policy but today after taking proper legal actions and control the government have recorded to generate large incomes in terms of tax revenues from the gamblers. Another reason why gambling is so important for the economy is that it attracts customers from all around the world. Therefore, it enhances the growth of tourism sector, which is another major...
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..., concede a goal or win the match. Betting is done by paying money and people whose predictions come true are rewarded with prizes, which are mostly money. Those whose predictions fail loss their betting fee and this is where the gambling aspect comes in. Gambling from a learning perspective Gambling and for that matter sports betting can be taken from a learning perspective. As far as learning perspectives are concerned, previous researchers have done a lot of work on the social learning perspective of gambling. Ormrod (1999) notes that social learning theory “considers that people learn from one another, including such concepts as observational learning, imitation, and modeling.” With reference to social learning perspective, the behavior...
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... purchase stocks, or invest money are playing financial game to generate a return on money and are generally reasonable people who understand the risks inherent. So the assumption of the argument that gambling is irrational is a clear case of confirmation bias based solely in the individual’s view of gambling. This of course does not mean the entire Yes argument has confirmation bias; it does however show that the argument for the Yes column based on ones state of mind may in fact have confirmation bias. Continuing on to the No column we see that the argument again approaches the psychological aspects involved. However, instead of simply making a statement of fact or opinion the argument outlines why the psychological aspects exist...
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... of the world funding charities and other voluntary works are heavily funded with the money raised from gambling. People tend to fantasize that what they would do when they would win the lottery but mostly people rely on buying lottery tickets and some occasionally gamble with intentions that their lives are not seriously affected with it. After the approval of legalizing gambling in the United States, there has been a significant decline in certain types of gambling which include buying lottery tickets and mostly bingo for different cash prizes (Pew Research Center 2006). Gambling in the view of many people is the most popular kind of fun enjoyment activity today. Most of the people indulge in gambling because they feel a rush or another...
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...with uncertain result that aims at deriving a benefit. It involves parties that make a bet over an unpredictable outcome, at a sacrifice, and the person who is favored by the game’s outcome benefits from the sacrifices at the expense of the other parties (Johnson, 2011). The first element of gambling is therefore existence of a game whose results are not known at the time of the parties’ entry into the gamble. The game either may involve the parties or may be independent in such a way that the parties are just but observers. An example of a game that involves the parties is a dice throwing game by the parties with a defined outcome as a win. The parties may also engage in a sport in which the winner of...
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Responsible Gambling

...esigning the Product platform 5 2.2 Price: Developing pricing strategies 6 2.3 Place: Developing the Place Strategy 7 2.4 Promotion: 8 3) Develop A Plan for Monitoring and Evaluation 8 4) Establish Budgets and Find Funding Sources 9 5) Complete an Implementation Plan 9 References 11 1) Positioning Statement: 1.1 The Importance of the Behaviors Required For the Target Customers and Its Value Responsible Gaming is recognised as the concept with the help of the operators of gaming and gambling industry or software suppliers desire to offer safe and fair gaming experience to its customers. It is done in order to save the customers from the negative impacts of gambling or gaming. Apart from this, maximum extent of the industries or...
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What Is Addictive Gambling

... is a mental health disorder which results from lack of impulse control (Nower, L & Alex, B 2001). It is a chronic and progressive disease which is treatable if good control measures are taken. According to Nower, L & Alex, B (2001), about 2% to 4% of Americans have the problem of addictive gambling. Addictive gambling is caused by feeling helplessness, being depressed and the feeling of guilty, self deception and the exposure to gambling activities. Some of the signs to know whether one is involved in gambling are; one always feels preoccupied and plans the next venture or thinking on how to get money to gamble, one is tolerant and wants to gamble in huge amounts of money in order to maybe achieve the most desired excitement, he/she...
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Undergraduate Dissertation on Does online gambling convey a health risk - (or simliar )

...…………………………………… 5 C. Overview of Dissertation Chapters………………………………. 6 D. Scope and Limitations……………………………………………. 7 II. Review of Related Literature……………………………………………. 8 A. The Internet………………………………………………………... 9 A.1. User Friendliness………………………………………… 10 A.2. Cyber Currency………………………………………….. 11 A.3. Gambling Sites……………………………………………. 12 B. Rationalizing the Act: Why Individuals Gamble?........................... 20 B.1. Compulsive Gambling……………………………………. 21 B.2. Pathological Gambling……………………………………. 24 B.3. Other Psychological Rationales…………………………… 25 C. Gamblers: Distressed or Healthy?....................................................... 28 D. Youth Gambling………………………………………………………. 37 D.1. College Gambling……………………………………………...
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Regulating Gambling Activities and Public Utility Regulators settle on an appropriate decision of whether they desire to be involved or not. Hence the questions are what can be undertaken for the individuals out into risk? Are there sets of individuals who are pathological idealists? People oftentimes read of soldiers enlisted to war who, being aware that people are being hauled down in hundreds, are certain that they will be the people to continue to live the tale. The Chairman of the recent Royal Commission on Gambling Rothchild, in a talk on BBC Television, remarked on how trivial the man in wandering in the street recognized risks and risk taking (Collins, 2003). The solution is not to take on a paternalistic function and permit the government, religious institutions, or some...
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Threat of Gambling Addiction

Any studies on the relationship must reference the definition when making comparisons and judgments. When talking about addiction it is often assumed that a substance is involved, as in alcohol or drugs or nicotine. A particular substance creates addiction. Some concrete entity is responsible for a person’s uncontrollable need to perform destructive behavior.
This is precisely why it is sometimes controversial to include gambling into the category of addiction. No outside substance has been introduced into the system of the person who compulsively wagers money he or she can not afford a chance outcome. Something else propels it. Anyone who has ever known a compulsive gambler will say that person seems “addicted&rd...
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Causes and Symptoms of Pathological Gambling

While younger men are prone to be subjected to pathological gambling, women between the ages of 20-40 are the ones who are most vulnerable to the addiction (National Research Council, 1999).

Pathological gambling usually begins from the simple pleasure of gambling; after all, to develop a habit or addiction, the person must first be experienced in what they are doing. If a person is subjected to gamble too often, they can develop a pattern, repetitively returning to gambling. When this person is away from the addictiveness of gambling for a long period of time, they become restless and stressful, so the natural solution for them would be to keep gambling. It becomes a domino effect after this. A game of chance turns int...
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Non-land Based Electronic Gambling

..., and they are as a result considered to be electronic money. Credit cards offer the simplest means of transporting money in the online setting (Advantages and Disadvantages of online Gambling). Electronic cash transactions are extremely hazardous, in gambling; because the player will not be in a position to assess the value of the money that is changing hands. In online gambling, the player should be very cautious and attentive; because, of the absence of physical money to check the balance available with him. Thus, it is very important to exercise caution, whilst making payments to online casinos through credit cards. Moreover, it is always preferable to utilize prepaid credit cards...
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Youth Gambling Rates and Associated Behavioural Problems

...people, especially through the schools, to make them aware of the ill effects of alcohol, substance abuse, gambling, etc. The campaign would involve interactive contact programmes and distribution of handbills, leaflets, etc. II. Advocacy: Advocacy in favour of the young people before the local council and the associated policy makers is necessary. The administration must take a relatively contemplative approach in regards of the youngsters. III. Service or Business Development: The youngsters should be engaged in constructive activities like social/community services and/or self employment and business development. IV. Lobbying: The community development committee must further lobby the Commonwealth and State...
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Psychology of Gambling Addiction

... losing heavily (Perkinson 65-114). All these situations being positive or negative cause, with time, a certain level of addiction to the activity as the rich endeavour to be richer and the losers find ways to reclaim their past losses. This paper shall concentrate on its psychological aspects, the effects that gambling has to the addict and their family and the various solutions available for its addiction. Gambling addiction is just a psychological problem and it can be dealt with effectively after cooperation of the sufferer. Psychological aspects of gambling addiction It is important for one to ask the major question; why does one gamble? This question shall lead to the answers as to why and how people end up becoming addicted...
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How Social Media Affect to Online Gambling

... totally a new picture to gambling. It has opened the doors of more challenges and opportunities towards online gambling. Researches have estimated that in 2011 around 430 million people (worldwide) are involved in online gambling (Castronova E, 2011) 1.2 Social media In order to identify the effect of social media on online gambling, firstly it is imperative to know what the social media is. Social media can be of many forms such as internet, videos, social blogs or weblogs, pictures etc. Researchers concluded that mainly there are six forms of social media i.e. Blogs (Twitters), social networking sites (face book), collaborative projects (Wikipedia), content communities (YouTube), game world (world of war craft) and Virtual social world...
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What Makes Wynn Resorts Competitive Business in the Gambling Industry

..., cross marketing, and expansion plan. Strategy and Company’s Accomplishment Product Differentiation Wynn Resorts pursue a product differentiation strategy to carve a niche in the competitive gambling and non-casino market. The strategy is aimed at distinguishing its services from the primary competitors such as Las Vegas Sands Corp and MGM Resorts. Essentially, Wynn Resorts is hoping to continue pursuing the differentiation strategy through continuous improvement of the service delivery by making the product unique with the intent of gaining high profit margins in the target market. The designing of the Wynn Resorts properties and superior casinos provides unique and premium experience that appeal to a wide variety of customers. Wynn...
6 Pages(1500 words)Research Paper
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