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GDP - Essay Example

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Name Instructor Course Date GDP Abstract The gross domestic product (GDP) is regarded as one of the primary indicators that can be used to gauge the status of a country’s economy. It is known to represent the total value of all goods and services that are produced over a given period of time…
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Download file to see previous pages Measuring GDP is a bit complex, but the most basic form of the calculation can be done in two ways: this is through adding up what everyone earned in a year (income approach) or adding up what everybody spent in a year (expenditure method) (Baumol et al 69). Both methods can give you roughly a similar total. With the income approach, which is also known as (GDP) I is calculated by adding the total compensation to gross profits, employees for both incorporated and non-incorporated firms in addition to taxes without any subsidies. On the contrary, the expenditure method is a more usable or common approach and is calculated by adding investment, total consumption, government spending and net exports. Introduction GDP is termed as the market value of all the final goods and services that are produced domestically in one year. It is also regarded as the single most important measure of macroeconomic performance. It is closely related to the measure of the economy’s total output of products known as gross national product (GNP). This is regarded as the market value of all the final goods and services produced by a nation within a year. The difference between GDP and GDNP is a bit complex. In much more simpler terms, GDP involves only goods and services that are produced by a nations’ own people and their corporations. ...
A person can either use statistics to calculate the overall macroeconomic activity. Measuring GDP: The expenditure and income approaches There are two distinct ways of measuring GDP, the income and expenditure approach. In the expenditure approach, we add up the market value of all the domestic expenditure that was made on the final goods and services in a single year. The final goods and services are known as the goods and services that have been purchased for the final use or the goods and services that will not be used in production or resold again in that specific year. On the contrary, the intermediate goods and services are those that can be used in the production of the final goods and services. This type of foods and services are not included in the expenditure approach to obtain the GDP. This is due to the fact that expenditures on intermediate goods and services are included in the market value of expenditures that are made on the final goods and services (Mankiw 89). Therefore, including both intermediate and final goods and services using the expenditure approach will lead to double counting thus and exaggeration of the true market value of GDP. The total expenditure of the final goods and services can be broken down into four large types of expenditure categories with reference to the types of goods and services that are purchased. The average total of the four types of expenditure adds up to give us the GDP. These include: a) Investment expenditure: this can be divided into two groups: expenditures on fixed investment goods and that on inventory investment. The fixed investment goods are those that a regarded as useful over a long period of time. Examples of fixed investment ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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GDP - Gross Domestic Product

...but only those produced domestically within the home countries own geographic boundaries. Nominal GDP is the GDP according to current year prices while real GDP accounts for the effect of inflation on prices and is therefore also known as inflation adjusted GDP. By the use of a base year and elimination of effects due to price changes, real GDP allows useful comparisons to be made regarding the production of goods and services in an economy. For instance if the economy were growing at the rate of 4% per year while the rate of inflation was 1% then only 3% of the growth would be due to an increase in the economic output while 1% would be only due to...
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...: Real GDP per capita and Internet user population percentage. (e) GDP tends to determine most of the variables. The plot below is a display of the trend of the percentage each value contributes over time or ordered categories. GDP is not a good measure because it does not take into account the specific distribution of the incomes to the hands of individuals. They could only be going to few hands hence it does not measure the general welfare of the people. Work Cited Branson, W. (2005). Macroeconomic Theory and Policy. New york: Sage.... GDP as a Measure of welfare al Affiliation (a) High Income: Kuwait and Uruguay Low Income: South Sudan and Burkina Faso Middle Income: Zimbabwe Upper Middle Income: Hungary (b)...
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..., presentation of statistical record of GDP is the basic requirement for receiving financial loan or World Bank aid. The positive change in the GDP level, after consuming such loan is an indication that the financial aid has really helped the country. Around a few decades back, the military might was an indicator that displayed the country’s superiority and well-being perfection. However, now it is the economic independence and power, which has taken this place. Hence, an administrator or chief executive of any country is judged by the change in GDP levels that the person could manage, while heading the affairs of the country. During 1930s and 1940s, Gross National Product (GNP) became...
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Increased GDP and Poverty

... through global practices. In essence, the elite and the rich have continued to impose their will along with other elements that have caused poverty. The cheap labor poses to be a problem because it does not allow families to be self-sufficient. Watch the Jan Gehl youtube clip carefully: How was Copenhagen transformed over the past few decades? Write one paragraph about an impact--economic, environmental, or social--biking has had on Copenhagen. Explain how the city has changed. Copenhagen was transformed through increased GDP and poverty. The video states that many businesses are keen on increasing their value and equity as organizations in commerce have cut costs and increased profit margins. Furthermore, banks have increased...
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A second essential aspect has been the assurance of life span employment for a significant segment of urban labor strength. Both aspects are now wearing down. Japan's industrial segment is a great deal reliant on foreign raw materials and fuels.

After accomplishing one of the uppermost economic development rates in the world from the 1960s throughout the 1980s, the Japanese economy paced down noticeably near the beginning of the 1990s, when the "bubble economy" distorted, distinct by plunging stock and real estate values.

Japan's basin of industrial management and technicians, well-knowledgeable and hard-working labor force, far above the ground savings and investment rates, and concentrated encouragement of...
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Threat of Protectionism and Its Possible Effects on World GDP and Income Distribution

...with aggravating negative effects on the income of the factors of production. 3.2 Effect on GDP Trade protection measures will be detrimental to the global economy from the demand side. A decrease in demand of goods and services decreases the production which in turn decreases the income to labour. Since household provides the supply of labour, household income falls. The cumulative household income, in simple terms, can be taken as the GDP of that country. It is quite evident that GDP will fall if an economy resorts to protectionist measure and pulls itself in isolation. For instance, in US, decrease in exports by 23.6% during October-December 2008 was accompanied by a 6.2% fall in...
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Components of GDP

... of GDP together with other types of spending help economists in understanding how a country uses its scarce resources (Edgmand, Moowaw and Olson, 1996). The four components are related and their relationship can be expressed using an equation: Y=C+I+G+NX where; Y=GDP C=Consumption I=Investment G= Government spending, and NX=Net export This equation is an identity equation, that is, the total sum of the four components equal GDP. Here is an explanation of each component: Consumption It is the largest component of GDP in an economy. It refers to the private spending (personal expenditures) by households on goods and services. The personal expenditures consist of three categories, that is, purchase of durable goods such as automobiles...
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1.Describe how equilibrium occurs using the aggregate supply (AS) and aggregate demand (AD) framework. Use this framework to explain why real GDP fluctuates around potential GDP with specific reference to the current state of the UK economy

... the potential GDP with reference to the economy in UK. Aggregate Demand Aggregate demand curve represents the desired spending, consumer behaviour and the buying of equipment by governments and foreigners. The aggregate demand rises with the increase in expenditure caused by increased optimism by the households on lifetime incomes and increased need for the product. The combined monetary assets and the decrease in interest rates stimulate the desire to spend by the firms and households. Low interest rates reduce the saving reward and borrowing costs for households, but for businesses, this reduces the borrowing costs for investing in equipment and plant (James, Walte and James 2006, p. 777-790). The aggregate demand curve slopes downwards...
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Describe how equilibrium occurs using the AS/AD framework. Use this framework to explain why real GDP fluctuates around potential GDP with specific reference to the current state of the UK economy the diagram Figure 1. Since the aggregate supply curves and aggregate demand curves are influenced by the market forces, the real GDP is usually not the same as the potential GDP, but the fluctuation would usually not be a large one and there may be only a small variation. INFLATION Inflation is when the general prices of the goods and services in an economy are increasing. Due to the rise in the prices, it has a negative effect on the purchasing power of the money in the economy. Such is because the people can buy a lesser quantity of goods and services with the same amount of money compared to the last year. The rate of inflation is calculated by the Consumer Price Index (CPI) which is calculated by...
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