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Read the requirement carefully - Essay Example

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Perfectly competitive markets. By: Economics. Presented To: [Institute] 07-03-2012 This paper is written to highlight the features of a perfect market. In the first half it focuses on the changes in the consumer demand and how the market responds to it…
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Read the requirement carefully
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Read the requirement carefully

Download file to see previous pages... The difference in the products and the way in which firms compete is also discussed. The assumptions that hold for the perfect market are also explained and highlighted. A perfectly competitive market is the one in which the market forces work without any hindrance. This means that the demand and supply interact to determine the price which is accepted by all the other firms. This market is only a theoretical one based on assumptions and it tells us that how a markets should respond to the changes in demand and supply. The perfect market is nonexistent in our real world like all the other perfect things but it is important to understand it. This is because the perfect market structure can be used to compare the other markets and their responses to changes in different situations. (Goshit & Mai-Lafia, 2009) Firstly, let us consider the case of equilibrium in a perfect market. The supply and demand will become equal at some point and that point will be considered as the equilibrium point of the market. The following drawing shows a perfect market at equilibrium. The forces of supply and demand fix the price at $5. (Goshit & Mai-Lafia, 2009) Now, like all the other markets, the perfect markets also faces demand and supply shocks to which it reacts accordingly. Mostly the market responds to changes in demand as the consumer is considered sovereign. Let us now consider the case where the consumer demand increases. This may be due to any reason but let us suppose that it is due to an increase in the price of a substitute. The market will shift accordingly. The following drawing shows how. (Archambault, 2008) The increase in demand will result in extra demand at the same price. This will create a shortage of the product. The supply will react accordingly and there will be a movement along the supply curve. This will lead to a new equilibrium at a higher price and a higher quantity. This is because the consumers were willing to pay more for the good and thus the market forces reacted and short run equilibrium was attained. This increase in demand will also add to the consumer and producer surplus which is the area between the two graphs. These two refer to the difference between the amount that the consumer or the producer expects and the price. (Krugman and Wells, 2008, p.71-72) The long run response of the market will be different. The long run equilibrium of a market is when the marginal cost becomes equal to the lowest of average total cost (ATC). This equilibrium will be disturbed by the increase in demand. The firms will now charge a higher price than their marginal costs and thus their average revenue will exceed their average total costs. The firms will be earning an abnormal profit. (Peck, 2006) The following graphs show the disturbance. As a result of the abnormal profit, new firms will enter the industry to make profit for themselves. This will cause the supply to increase. This increased supply will push the prices downwards back to normal with a higher amount of goods traded than before. The long run equilibrium will be attained and the market will return back to normal. (Burnette, 2012) The following graph shows the effect of new firms entering the market. Perfect markets differ from the markets we see daily. There are assumptions that need to be considered. The first one is that there are many sellers in the market, which means that the competition is intense. Secondly, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Read the requirement carefully
According to Struck (2008) it is through these supply and demand forces that the governments decides son what to increase and decrease tax. All these factors are considered using demand and supply curves. These curves are used to determine the effects of changes in either prices or supply of goods and services in the market.
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Read the requirement carefully
For a numbers of business managers, an effective team work is perceived as a tool that enhances the competitiveness of the organization and thus delivering excellent results. Improved team performance is characterized by enhanced employee involvement, increased market share, innovativeness, and reduced wastes.
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Read the requirement carefully
Productive teamwork fires the achievement of strategic goals of an organization. Effectual work teams amplify the achievements of each employee and allow an organization to improve its services. More than two decades ago, automobile manufacturers Toyota and Volvo carried out team-based structures in the era of high formalization, departmentalization and centralised mechanistic organization structures (Robbins 1998).
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Read the requirement carefully and finish on timethis is a group paper with 3 members
Cost of Sales has increased as additional amount of materials is required for increase in sales, but gross profit has also shown a marked increase of ?188,000. There is an increase in operating profit of the business. The profit has increased from ?161,000 in 2011 to ?
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Read the requirement carefully
trend of competitive business environment, organisations seek to possess effective control of their respective business performances ensuring higher productivity and sustainability for the purpose of attaining predetermined business targets. It is to be stated that a good and a well-built control mechanism can facilitate a firm to make better control of its costs, productivity, employee performances and quality of products or services by a certain degree.
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Exam paper---read the requirement I send you carefully
The perfect market is a market which offers the highest competition and the least concentration. The least competition and highest concentration, on the other hand, is present in a monopoly market. The prices of the products and services in a perfectly market is driven by the benchmark prices set by the market.
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Read the requirement i send you carefully,
About three decades ago, employees were people who were there in the company to work and receive wages at the end of the day or the month. Much focus was on production and achievement of profits without taking into consideration the concerns, ideas, opinions, and general welfare of the employees.
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Sony..read the requirement carefully
Sony is one of the leaders in the entertainment industry as it manufactures entertainment gadgets like video games, televisions, and many more. In 2012, Sony was number 87 in the list of Fortune Global 500 making the company to be one of the leading assemblers and sellers of electronic devices globally.
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Enterpreneurship...read the requirement i send you carefully
Commonly, economists of the 20th century explain the meaning of entrepreneur as the one who is always eager to take the risk of launching a new project forecasting its scope of earning maximum profit. It is worth mentioning in this context that there are certain special features in a successful entrepreneur, which make them different from others.
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The big idea...read the requirement i send you carefully
Rodrigue, J. (2013) stated “The most important transport problems are often related to urban areas and take place when transport systems, for a variety of reasons, cannot satisfy the numerous requirements of urban mobility. Urban productivity is highly dependent on the efficiency of its transport system to move labor, consumers and freight between multiple origins and destinations.” Congestion or increased density of population paved way for pollutions of various kinds in cities.
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