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Economic situation - Essay Example

This resulted in increased inflation, high lending rates and increased rate of unemployment. For instance, the economic recession witnessed five years ago saw the dollar being devalued by more than 40%. However, the current account deficit is yet to be solved since then. However, the economy of the U.S. is currently on the recovery face and has been continually experiencing a significant growth since the economic recession. Despite significant growth experienced in the past few years when the economy registered a growth rate of 1.8% in 2011, the growth has declined to -0.15 according to figures released by the Financial Forecast Center on February, 2013. This current negative growth rate is proving worse compared to five years ago (Bureau of Economic Analysis, 2013). At the same time, the government has not done much in terms of reducing the unemployment rate in the country. This is because, in 2007, the rate of unemployment in the country stood at 4.5%, and has been increasing at an alarming rate of up to 10% before settling at the current rate of 7.90 % according to estimates released in February 2013. This implies that the government should do a lot to create employment opportunities for its citizens in order to improve the economy (Bureau of Economic Analysis, 2013). As earlier stated, the great recession witnessed five years ago lead to increased interest and inflation rates in the U.S. For example, five years ago in 2007/2008, the inflation in the country stood at 2.076% in 2007 before

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Northeast of England and Scotland economic situation and government measures

According to the study conducted, the economic situation in Scotland and northeast England after the recession of 2008 is similar with that of UK. Thus, the Adam Smith’s and Michael Porter’s theories will also apply to the economic situation of United Kingdom in order to help in improving the unemployment and labor market failures.

9 pages (2250 words)Essay
Analysis of the global challenges and economic situation in Argentina
It is argued, that Argentina is well positioned for growth because of its vast market size, high level of FDI, and significant levels of high-tech exports. Consulting firms were positive in assessing economic outlook for the country. In order to enhance the rate of growth, government should promote international trade and financial cooperation.
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How managers in international companies have been affected by recent, radical changes in the economic situation
A favourable economic condition may lead to a growth in the business sector of an economy and an unfavourable economic condition may result in rise in inflation rate, interest rate, wage rate and others. The current economic crisis of 2009 had greatly affected worldwide nations.
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The Current Economic Situation Marked by High Unemployment and Low Inflation
This essay gives an explanation of phenomenon of the contemporary economic trends that appeared in the Western Economies that witnessed existence of both high unemployment and high inflation at one and the same time. The researcher also the salient factors as well as requisite monetary and fiscal measures.
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United states Today Economic Situation and its Credibility around the world
The United States’ Current Image in the International Community I for one got interested on it because not just because I have been avid observer of how the two mainstream political parties deal with each other on contentious issues; I also knew that subjects related to the financial conditions of the government have serious repercussions on the health of the national economy.
5 pages (1250 words)Essay
There are signs that the current economic situation is improving
HRM comprises different activities, practices along with policies on the basis of which, operations of the employees are managed, evaluated, developed and maintained. The prime objective of HRM is to maximise the productivity and the contribution of the employees towards the attainment of the desired organisational goals.
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The current economic situation will force every one to consider carefully how money is spent
thy countries in the world, America has shown that people already started to use line buses instead of their cars in order to cut down their daily expenses. An average American normally doesn’t have the habit of saving money for the future whereas the Indians and the Asians in
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The current economic situation of UK
The economic performance of the UK’s economy during last 2 years is considered as not impressive as the forecasts for economic growth are indicating the economy will grow at really sluggish rate.
8 pages (2000 words)Essay
Current Economic Situation
According to Florida (2009), the USA has undergone crucial economic and social transformations with each economic crisis. The technological improvements and the
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US Economic Situation
In the paper the author is mostly concerned about the macroeconomic objectives of the American economy and whether these have been fulfilled in the last two years or not. Here, the author has summarized the major macroeconomic objectives of the US economy. The economic condition of the country is good enough.
8 pages (2000 words)Essay
increasing to 4.281% the worst ever witnessed in more than a century. Nevertheless, the government through initiation of strong monetary policies has helped contain the rate of inflation, which has declined since then to 1.595%. However, it has to be pointed out that this figure is higher compared to the 2009 rate in which inflation in the country declined to an all time low of 0.030% (Bureau of Economic Analysis, 2013). With regard to the interest rates, the government of the U.S. has to be recommended for initiating measures to contain interest rates to promote borrowing. This is because the government has maintained its interest rates at an all time low of 0.25% since 2008. Further, the rates are expected to remain low in the foireseable future following measures put in place to revamp the economy of the country (Bureau of Economic Analysis, 2013). 2. Propose two (2) strategies that the federal government could implement that would encourage people to spend more money in order to create employment opportunities. The federal government plays a big role as far as encouraging spending and job creation is concerned. However, there several strategies that can be applied by the federal government to encourage spending among its people so as to create employment opportunities in the country. Firstly, the government can do this by lowering taxes on it working class. This is because people of the working class tend to invest or save excess money. Therefore, lowering taxes will encourage them to spend more money. Secondly, the government should create an optimism environment every time regardless of the economic situation to encourage spending. This is because saving rates tends to decrease during optimism periods and increases during periods of uncertainties. Lastly, the federal gover


Economic Situation Name Institution Economic Situation 1. Analyze the current economic situation in the U.S. as compared to five (5) years ago. Include interest rates, inflation, and unemployment in your analysis. Bureau of Economic Analysis (2013) notes that the United States economy is the largest in the world when measured in terms of purchasing power parity (GDP), which stood at 15.08 trillion dollars in 2011…
Economic situation
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