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Mac9.11 - Essay Example

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mac9.11 Contents Answer 1 3 Answer 2 3 Answer 3 4 Answer 4 4 Answer 1 6 Answer 2 6 Answer 3 8 Answer 4 8 References 9 Lesson 10 Answer 1 Economists define money as the medium of exchange in the form of coin and bank notes. The use of money lies in the transaction processes in exchange of goods as well as services…
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Download file to see previous pages... DCM=1/RR=1/.10=10 DMS Therefore total reserves are equal to total money supply. So money supply = 10*12 million=120 million. Alternatively, The formula of geometric progression with a common ratio R which is equal to .90: $12,000,000 + $10,800,000 + $9,720,000 + … $12,000,000 x (1 + 0.90 + 0.81 + 0.6561 + …) $12,000,000 x (1 + 0.90 + 0.902 + 0.903 + …) $12,000,000 x 1/1 – 0.90 = $12,000,000/0.10 = $120,000,000 The chain of deposit creation ends only when there are no more excess reserves to be loaned out, i.e. when the entire $12,000,000 is tied up in required reserves. Therefore, with a reserve ratio of 10%, excess reserves disappear only when checking deposits expand by $120,000,000. At RR=25% DCM=1/.25= 4 DMS= 12million*4= 48 million. At RR=100%. The DMS will be 12 million. Answer 3 The value of M1 is checkable deposits + currency= 743+633= $1376 billion. The value of M2 is M1+ Small time deposits+ Money-market mutual funds held by businesses+ Money-market mutual funds held by individuals+ Savings deposits, including money-market deposit accounts. The value of M2 is 1376+3649+1014+744+1190= $7973 billion. Answer 4 The diagram below shows the structure of the Federal Reserve System. The board of governors are appointed by the President. The function of the component is to oversee the system operations, takes decisions of regulations and sets the target level of requirements. The key monetary policy making body within the system is Federal Open Market Committee. The committee is responsible to seek decisions to stimulate monetary growth with price stability as well as influences the flow of money and credit. The board is composed of seven members of the board of governors and five presidents of Reserve Banks. Among the five presidents, one of them is the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. The other members hold the voting position for one year terms on rotational basis. The Federal Reserve Banks are independently incorporated with nine boards of directors. The function of the Federal Reserve Banks is to set the rate of interest although subjected to approval by Board of Directors. They monitor the economy and provide financial services to the U.S. government and depository institutions. The member banks hold stock in their local Federal Reserve Bank. The advisory committees carry out various responsibilities within the system. Lesson 11 Answer 1 The change is the reserve ratio is one such tool and is probably the most powerful. The term reserve deposits are used to define the percentage of reserves the banks are required to keep against deposits. A decrease in the reserve ratio will provide the banks to lend more and the money supply in the economy will increase. The effect is just the opposite in reserve ratio is increased. The discount rate is another tool. It is defined as the rate of interest that central bank charges the commercial banks when need to borrow additional reserves. The interest rate is monitored by the Fed and does not depend on the market rate. Much of the rate is dependent on the signal Fed sends to the financial markets. The interest rates in the short term tend to depend on the movement of the market rate. The open market operations consist of buying as well as selling of securities of the government. The money supply within the economy increases when Fed buys back the securities from the banks and dealers. Answer 2 The increase ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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