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Current event - Essay Example

Take for instance a case where a worker in country A is able to produce two eggs and eight fish every hour and a worker in country B who is having less input being able to produce four eggs and six fish per hour. The two countries can really benefit from trade since their trade-offs between eggs and fish are different. In such a case, country B has a relative advantage in producing fish while country A has a relative advantage in producing eggs. In fact, the two countries can major on what they can best produce and bring forth to the market for trade. Each country can therefore benefit by specializing in producing goods and services where it has comparative advantage and trading the goods with the partnering country. The researcher intends to discuss oil production in relation to shifting cost of oil. In order to understand the cause of escalating oil prices in the world, it is imperative to establish the determinants of supply and demand. In addition, it is vital to study factors that cause demand and supply curves to shift as this will clearly indicate the effects on prices and quantity of oil when equilibrium changes. To start with, the interaction between buyers and sellers in any given market determines prices of goods. Prices are indicators of a shifting supply and demand, which causes a change in market prices and consequently affecting incentives on consumers and producers. This paper will mainly focus on how demand/supply forces cause price adjustments in the oil market. The rising

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Current event summary
According to the correspondent, President Barack Obama entreated the Democratic and Republican lawmakers to support him and “rally behind his vision of economic revival for an anxious nation.” (Feller, 2011). The news agency reported Obama as making the crucial statement that “we will move forward together or not at all”.
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Current Event -Values, Attitudes & Perceptions
The discourse would include the following: (1) a brief reaction to the article/work of your choice that pertains to topics covered in this module; (2) an explanation on the reason why this article pertains to class by providing a summary of the article in terms of the importance of the topic versus our class learning.
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Current Event & Ethical Perspective
Just before his execution, Happ had confessed to his crime and asked for the forgiveness of God and of his own family as well as the victim’s family. Hap was pronounced dead at 6:16 p.m (Watkins). Capital punishment, which is the judicially ordered execution of incarcerated felons is quite controversial in America.
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Current Event Paper- Marketing
Today, online marketing experiences rapid growth proving its efficiency and high response potential. The article Word of Mouth Helps Them Fly Off the Shelves proves the idea that modern business cannot survive without effective
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Current Event Article
This is because, Wal-Mart is neither legally or economically obliged to offer education assistance for its employees. The Online-Degree Assistance program could be considered as an act of ‘Ethical responsibility’ too, but ‘Philanthropic responsibility’ is a more
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Recent Current Event Analysis
eportedly conducted by the Ohio State University with Erik Nisbet, an assistant professor and lead author indicating that “instead of the internet promoting fundamental political change, it seems to reinforce political change in countries that already have at least some level
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Current Event #3
Bureaucracies are increasingly been targeted for condemnation in the society due to the set of attributes that bureaucrats are involved in; thus, they are considered to be engaged in self-serving behaviors. Therefore,
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PA Current Event No. 4
In the new Obama Healthcare Plan declared in 2010, Counties will have significant savings in their spending toward healthcare for their people. Accordingly, Jerry Brown, the governor from California has chalked out a new plan for healthcare that would now require counties to return a sizeable chunk of state reimbursements.
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Current Event 2
Germany is featured as having implemented a law which advocates for 30% representation of women in board seats; while American companies has been shown to
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Current event & delinquency
Ind was a child offender, and in consequence, the judge did not give him a death penalty. Several causes and risk factors triggered the incident. Behavioral and social factors were the
2 pages (500 words)Essay
cost of oil is mainly due to the rise in popularity of hybrid vehicles, increased use of plastics in making of products, depleting crude oil resources in the world, and oil drilling actions in preserves such as Alaskan (Schmitz, 2011). These actions causes the shifts in demand and supply as illustrated in below. The rising popularity and manufacture of hybrid vehicles that takes in large amount of fuel causes a shift in demand as follows Pe S P2 D2 D Q2 Qe Increasing use of plastics in production of goods causes a shift in demand for oil towards the right given constant supply, this trend causes a shift in price from the lower PE to a higher price P2 as shown. Q2 indicates the quantity demanded because of the shift. P2 S PE D2 D Qe Q2 A decline in production and supply of crude oil worldwide due to declining levels of crude oil results in a shift in price from equilibrium to P2 and a consequent drop in equilibrium quantity demanded as shown below S2 S P2 PE D Q2 QE Oil drilling actions in more areas of Alaskan preserves causes a shift in supply and an increase in prices as indicated in the graph below S S2 PE P2 D QE Q2 These reasons coupled with an increase in demand for oil causes the demand curve shift to the right where both price and quantity of oil sold increases. If these trend remains as it is there is a possibility that the quantity demand for oil will go up and at the same time a rise in price is expected as in the graph that follows S P2 P D2 D Q Q2 On the other hand, the decrease in supply of crude oil caused by political instability in oil producing countries such as Libya has had a sharp decline in the quantity of oil sold in market today. The effect has prompted increase in demand, prices and a consequent move in the supply curve to the left as shown. S2 P2 S P D Q2 Q Current event 2 Economics in action (the price of admission) Opportunity Cost (Trade-offs) Opportunity cost refers to what you forego to
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Shifting Crude Oil Prices Shifting Crude Oil Prices Current event 1 Free Trade and Specialization (Comparative Advantage) Free trade and specialization is an economic concept that states a party’s aptitude to produce a certain good or service at a marginally lower cost as compared to others (Schmitz, 2011)…
Current event
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