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Final - Essay Example

Graph 1: The effect of increase in the money supply According to Keynes, money supply is fixed by the government and the size of money supply is perfectly inelastic with respect to interest rate changes. Decrease in money supply from MS1 to MS2 leads to an increase in the interest rate from i1 to i2. b. In the rest of the economy, the sale of government securities will lead to a reduction in Gross Domestic Product (GDP). General Price levels will decrease leading to decline in the level of inflation which may make the economy to go into a contraction and recession (Langdana 100). The situation can also lead to an increase the levels or rates of unemployment. Question 2 a. Expansionary fiscal policies have a short and long term impacts on the aggregate economy as well as on the balance of the federal budget. Expansionary fiscal polices involves the attempts of the government to increase the aggregate demand. It will therefore include higher government spending or reduction of taxes in order to increase demand and spur economic growth. Reduction of taxes will lead to an increase in the consumer’s disposable incomes which then leads to a high level of consumer spending (Langdana 100). This then increased the aggregate demand leading to high economic growth. ...
There is no tradeoff between inflation and unemployment as increased government borrowing may increase inflation rates which will then lead to high levels of unemployment. Question 3 There are various types of budget deficits and they

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This intrusion will bring down the walls of privacy and tamper with humanity and the right to privacy. This fear is more ground on religions such as Christianity or Islam. These and many other religions believe in all powerful supernatural beings. These beings are the only ones allowed access or tamper with the unconscious.
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The course objectives were generalized and categorized according to: (1) writing projects that enhance students’ rhetorical knowledge; (2) developing skills in critical thinking through reading selected literary works and writing a response or reaction based on what was comprehended; (3) appreciating writing as a process; (4) developing knowledge of writing conventions; and (5) honing skills in composing in electronic environments.
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Discretion in public administration context refers to the level of freedom that a bureaucrat may have to decide what he/she should do in any particular situation. Street-level or front level government employees should have some discretion in their day-to-day activities because sometimes they have to take critical decisions on their own in order to implement government decisions and policies properly.
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Final Girl
The movie is about a revenge taken by the Final girl-Loner Veronica on boys who entices school girls into the forests in order to slay them for sports. The plot of the movie is similar to several horror movies that had been produced earlier than 1990s, whereby a chain of people are killed one after another by an assassin accompanied by rising terror, ending up in the peak whereby the final member of the group to survive is a woman/girl who either conquers the killer, or escapes.
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This period presented us with a great number of artists and thinkers, whose theories were the results of new outlook. In the previous epochs a man was viewed as a weak, dependent and uncertain creature, whose destiny was mainly predefined by gods or other people.
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The two tribes had various similarities (Bowen 32). To begin with, the two tribes were both natives of North America. In addition, the two tribes both believed in the supernatural and practiced religion with priests being a common feature between them. However, the two tribes had more differences.
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In order to submit the document to your instructor, simply click the Browse button and select the word document you have saved to your desktop. Document status will show Submitted to faculty as
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The social values were; stereotype homey atmosphere that is family and kid friendly. The emotional needs of the customers were; love, being happy, familiarity and feeling secure. The conditional values, in the opinion of the customers, were
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This was necessary since the government was to protect the American’s wealth and wellbeing; hence the need for the continued military presence. Since there was a lot of dependence on the oil from the Persian Gulf, it was
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The use of drones has become increasingly popular in the recent years because unlike manned aircrafts, they can stay aloft much longer. They are cheaper and safe compared to military aircrafts since the experts remotely control them
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include primary deficit, fiscal deficit and revenue deficit. A revenue deficit occurs the amount of revenue received is short of the expected amounts. Fiscal deficit occurs when the expenditure by the government surpasses its projected revenue (Langdana 100). Primary deficit occurs when government borrow money from lending institutions in order to cover for its expenditures. The interest payment which is then subtracted from the fiscal deficit amount is referred to as primary deficit. Budget deficit occurs when the government spending is higher than the tax collects Persistent budget deficit leads to economic depression which means that the rates of unemployment will be very high as well as the inflation rates. Without a balance trade, deficit spending is a small defense against high unemployment rates. Question 4 a. Fiat money can also be referred to as forced paper money, debt money or managed money and can be defined to the money which does not have intrinsic value and cannot be redeemed for any commodity. There are two ways in which fiat money differs with commodity money. In the commodity monetary system, money supply usually adjust automatically to the monetary needs while the supply of and demand for money usually react simultaneously through the prices for services and goods in the market in order to determine the specified quantity of money. Under fiat monetary system, the supply for money is artificially regulated through the government or through its
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Name: Institution: Professor: Date: Macro economics Question 1 a. If Fed sold 1 million dollars worth of government securities to an agent with a simple money multiplier of 5, then the money supply will decrease by 5 x1 = $ 5million. Interest rates will increase hence resulting into a reduction of money supply and credit creation…
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