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Professor Date Foreign vehicles versus American vehicles Introduction According to McConnel Bruce individuals, who market for new vehicles, inevitably raise the issue on a raging debate about the American vehicles compared to foreign cars. There are proponents and opponents on both groups; it is evident that both imported and homemade cars have their own reasonable allocation of compensation and shortcomings…
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Foreign vehicles versus American vehicles Introduction According to McConnel Bruce individuals, who market for new vehicles, inevitably raise the issue on a raging debate about the American vehicles compared to foreign cars. There are proponents and opponents on both groups; it is evident that both imported and homemade cars have their own reasonable allocation of compensation and shortcomings. Statement of the problem There are no car models that are more effective than others according to all aspects; it is upon the buyer’s choice on the vehicle that meets their preferences, requirements and usage. The following are the pros and cons for American cars versus the foreign vehicles. Sample data or example and Economics application The advantages of purchasing an American Made Car In the contrast to the common belief, majority of the American cars cost the same as the Japanese cars made in Korea while others are cheaper than the homemade vehicles. Any buyer interested in searching for a sturdy car with an authoritative locomotive and organization, will appreciate the contributions made by the American automobile makers (Walstad, Campbell & Stanley, 205). The locally made cars are also made to be larger than the foreign vehicles; they offer a wide passenger comforting range which includes of enhanced shoulder and leg room than foreign cars. The other preference of the American vehicles is the fact that they have a lower coverage rate compared to other vehicles. The disadvantages of buying vehicles from American Car Makers There are many people who believe that the parts of the homemade vehicles are slightly cheaper than the Japanese or the European cars. They only difference is that the engines and the vehicle parts largely rely on the manufacturers. The parts manufactured in the US are termed to cost more than those made outside the country due to the high cost of human labor in the United States. Another main disadvantage of buying a car from the Detroit car manufactures is that the American automobiles depreciate faster than the European and some of the Japanese brands. Despite the tag that they have been baptized, ‘American-made’, majority of vehicles from the US auto companies in the fact usually manufactured outside the country. (Walstad, Campbell & Stanley, 10) The advantages of buying a foreign manufactured vehicle The key advantage of buying cars from foreign countries, is the fact that they appear in an array of luxury models, for example, the European auto manufactures like Daimler Chrysler, Ferrari and Lamborghini. The customers who are usually attentive to the sport cars are at a great advantage as the foreign car industries offer a wide range of selection of vehicles in such categories, compared to the American car manufacturers. The marketing value of the Japanese and European vehicles is at a higher level than the home made vehicles, and many spare parts of the foreign vehicles are usually cheaper. The Japanese and Asian car assemblers are usually known for production of minimal use of the space provided inside the vehicles, with the inclusion of small cars. The disadvantages of buying Foreign Made Car Although the car makes and models are of diverse choices, what matters to the buyers is the personal predilection, together with the current developments. The American consumers do not withhold to earn more profit by investing in home made vehicles. The largest benefit of buying American vehicle is the payment protection plan outlined by the BIG Detroit 2, GM and Ford. The owners are not levied of any charges, as the companies cover the monthly payment on the vehicles sold for a couple of months if the buyer loses a job (Walstad, Campbell & Stanley, 205). This is a distinguishing factor between the American and the Foreign vehicles. The consumers are left to decide on the right car insurance company. There are great insurance rates and one is expected to compare the auto mobile insurances and determine on which type is suitable for the, for example, the teenage car insurances or the insurances for women. The Ford and General Motors employ majority of the people in the United States than Toyota pr Honda, Nissan or Hyundai. The foreign car assemblers have contributed much to the American economy. According to recent report, years ago, Ford, GM and Chrysler are aimed at assembling cars in the country. There are many traditional domestic automobile manufactures that shapes the declining market shares. The General Motors and Ford have been collectively working for many years to ensure oversees design and engineering company (Walstad, Campbell & Stanley, 205). Conclusion The American production of vehicles has become similar to those in Europe and Asia. The automakers design high quality vehicles which are appealing to many customers all over the world. Companies like Toyota and Honda are shifting their locations to the US because of the advanced vehicle assembling. There has been a noticeable influence with the American modes of vehicles resembling those in Europe and Asia. The automakers are producing a wide range of quality designs vehicles in the market. The American customers will be more exposed to best vehicles at a fair price, despite where they are designed or the position of assembling. Work Cited Walstad, William B, Campbell R. McConnell, and Stanley L. Brue. Study Guide for Use with Mcconnell and Brue Macroeconomics. Boston: McGraw-Hill/Irwin, 2008. Print. Read More
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