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Managerial Economics Resit Assignment - Essay Example

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MANAGERIAL ECONOMICS Your name …………………………. College ……………………………… ………………. Words count: 1357 Introduction From both economic and marketing perspectives, products and services offered by different firms offer certain benefits, utility and value that, in turn, represent the want-satisfying power of the goods or services (Kurtz and Boone, 2006, p…
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Managerial Economics Resit Assignment
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Managerial Economics Resit Assignment

Download file to see previous pages... However, in a free market economy, price is highly influenced by the market forces of demand and supply and the utility or the value customers are expecting from a commodity is also influenced by these market forces. This paper addresses factors that determine the price of computers in a free market and explain why computer price has continued to fall even while the demand constantly increased. Price determinants of computer in free market Free market is a market system with few government restrictions on how a product or service can be produced and marketed or on how a factor of production can be employed (Kates, 2011). Government in all other market systems do intervene in matters regarding how a good or service can be produced and marketed and how factors of production such as land, labor, capital and organization can be employed more than in the case of free market. As there are relatively few government restrictions in countries like United States and Canada, their economies are said to be closer to free-market economy. In a free market economy, price is determined by the market forces of demand and supply. Consumers are willing to pay for a goods or service only if they are worth the price. Similarly, suppliers are ready to produce and market only if consumers are ready to pay for them. Market equilibrium occurs when market demand and supply are equal and this is how the price of a commodity is determined. Thus, value or utility of the commodity and willingness to pay are significant factors that determine the demand and supply forces in the market. In a free market mechanism, price is never affected by outside forces such as government restrictions. The resources are allocated by the spending decisions of millions of consumers and producers. As governments place no or relatively very less restrictions on what can be bought and sold, owners of factors of production and producers of goods and services have fuller right to buy and sell whatever they own through the market system. When it comes to computers in a free-market, the price is determined according to the demand and supply forces. As depicted in the table and graph below, price of computers in a free market is determined in the equilibrium point where the demand for computers and its supply intersect. When price of the computers areas lower as 10,000 or 15,000, the demand may increase to 60 and 50 respectively and the supply will reduce to 20 and 30 respectively. As the table shows, there is only one price of shifts ($ 20,000) where the market is in equilibrium. Quantity demanded is equal to quantity supplied at 40, 000 computers. At all other states, the market price is in disequilibrium wherein supply of computers and demand for computers are in a state of imbalance. Disequilibrium occurs either when the demand exceeds supply or the supply exceeds the demand for computers. Price per computer $ Demand (000 computers) Supply (000 computers) Market position Effects on price 10,000 60 20 Shortage Rise 15,000 50 30 Shortage Rise 20,000 40 40 Equilibrium Stable 25,000 30 50 Surplus Fall 30,000 20 60 Surplus Fall 35,000 10 70 Surplus Fall As far as computers in free-market mechanism is considered, government will not intervene in resource allocation. In other economic systems, governments may choose to interfere in the price mechanism mainly because they want to control, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Managerial Economics Assignment
It is the indicator that is most frequently in case of market activity and to denote the change in GDP over a specific time. GDP is the principal indicator for economic growth. GDP is at the top level of the entire System of National Accounts, and the methodology followed in it is rigorously defined and is highly standardized, which enables international comparison and in aggregation.
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The first includes the vertical and horizontal analyses of the financial data converting them into common size statements. The second is the ratio analysis, ratios being computed from the financial data provided in the case. Common Size statements: Numerical figures of financial statements can be expressed as percentages of other figures on the same statement.
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Managerial Economics
Managerial Economics Essay NAME: AFFILIATION: UNIVERSITY: COURSE TITLE: DATE OF SUBMISSION: Managerial Economics Essay One of the best articles that have discussed the importance of International Trade in World Market has been published in New York Times magazine which has highlighted the importance of trade agreements in this globalization period (International Trade, 2012).
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Other scholars have also included staffing, decision making, execution and coordination as other managerial functions (DuBrin 2009; Sims 2002). Despite being often described sequentially, managers employ them simultaneously. Of importance in this paper would be planning as a managerial function, defined by Griffin and Moorhead (2010) as the process in which organisations determine the desired future position and thereafter decide on how best to attain that position.
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Managerial Economics
Managerial economic further explore the behaviour of consumers and producers as well as their impact to the economy. In above connection, managerial economics takes into consideration not only micro economic concept but also some components of macro economics. This is because organizations do not operate in isolation but rather they interact with external factors.
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The financial ratio analysis provides the most effective result when it is compared with the benchmark ratios of the industry, but in the absence of the missing information, the ratios of the current year are compared with the ratios of the prior year. The financial ratio analysis also highlights the working capital condition of the company, whether the company is overtrading or not and how much finance would be required by the company in order to finance its working capital.
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Managerial Economics
From this paper it is clear that now the value of the housing properties is determined by both the supply side and the demand side factors, which include the price at which the seller would like to go for the transaction with a prospective buyer and the actual price which the buyer would like to pay (Ngai and Tenreyro, 2009, p.7).
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Thus, the importance of individual medical records cannot be underestimated. They help the general medical practitioner close in on the right medicines and line of treatment. It helps in a very big way to find out a patient's medical problem and history by formulating the right set of questions.
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Another flaw of the neoclassical assumption, actually brought on by the complexity of market behavior, is that it is difficult for firms to identify their profit maximizing output, as they cannot accurately calculate marginal revenue and marginal
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Diversity if managed well could turn out to be an effective source of competitiveness. So the primary concern of the contemporary managers is to assure that not only
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