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Business Econ - Assignment Example

Moreover, hyperinflation is a situation when the price increases by a considerable high extent. Hyperinflation is mainly caused due to deficit spending by the government of a country. Thus, hyperinflation can be regarded as a type of inflation, which occurs consecutively for more than three years creating repeated and strong fluctuations in relation to commodity prices within the economy. Hence, it is also known as uncontrolled inflation (Dem & et. al., 2001). Explain why hyperinflation has such a devastating impact on economies. Explain what it takes to stop hyperinflation. Hyperinflation is not a continuous procedure but very rare in nature. The primary cause for the emergence of hyperinflation in an economy is due to high disparity among the demand and supply of money. It arises due to lower confidence level on the currency of that particular economy where hyperinflation is taking place. Apart from this, another important factor which leads to hyperinflation is the surplus production of paper currency, which proves harmful for the entire economy. Hence, it can be depicted that hyperinflation is the most severe form of inflation which offers varied impact on the economy. Distortions in the relative prices of various commodities of the economy might be harmful for the citizens, as it would reduce national savings. Along with this, hyperinflation would also increase unemployment rate of the nation (Williams, 2011). Moreover, it also changes the proper allocation of the income among the

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Here, in this case, autonomous consumption expenditures, autonomous investment totals, autonomous government expenditures and autonomous net export expenditures amounted to 5000, 500, 2000 and -600 respectively. Therefore, the equilibrium value of real income in this economy will be [5000+500+2000+(-600)] = 6900.
9 pages (2250 words)Assignment
In the article therefore, Mario Draghi hints of the bank’s decision to on a short term to medium term basis revise its interest rate further down. According to the report, there is the consideration of keeping the interest rate low “but its policy makers had decided to keep the main refinancing rate on hold for the fifth consecutive month” (Steen, 2013).
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Business Assignment
Drawing up a strategy plan for Roger's business would help benefit his business in a number of ways. Strategy is about deploying your resources into position before the competition to always be ahead of your competitors. It includes set of decision and actions used o formulate and implement strategies that will provide a competitively superior fit between Roger's organization and environment it is working in.
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In 2008, the overall world growth slowed down by 3½ per cent (HM Treasury UK) in wake of political instability, economic downturn, humongous trade
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Since a gold standard requires that the value of currency be fixed in terms of gold, for example an ounce of gold being worth $20 and 60 cents, then gold had to be sort and brought to the central bank so that it
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The ‘labor theory of value’ states that the value of a service or good depends on the labor used in its production. The first proposer of this theory was Adam Smith. This theory suggests that goods should cost the same as the amount of time used to produce
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imals from the animal shelter are, the more the elastic demand while the lesser the substitutability of these animals from the animal shelter, the lesser the demand would be elastic. 2. When demand is elastic, price and total revenue relate inversely. As such, when the prices
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Explain the gains from trade between the two countries using the standard trade model. Assume that the tastes for the goods are the same in both countries, but the production possibilities frontiers
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ries will remain unaffected; however, the exporting prices will remain lower than importing prices; hence, the importing country is likely to make high profits compared to the exporting country. Unless the production costs in the producing country have changed rather decreased,
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This meant that buying goods in US dollar was quite expensive than buying goods in GBP. The demand for GBP will therefore increase as consumers would want to purchase using GBP or import foreign goods. That is, the depreciation of the pound relative to
4 pages (1000 words)Assignment
citizens, thereby enhancing the demand for lenders as compared to borrowers. It also increases the prices of varied products which are imported from other countries. Thus, it can be revealed from the above discussion that hyperinflation offers a significant influence on the economic conditions of a country. Hence, high concentration should be offered by the government of an economy suffering from hyperinflation, so that its consequences can be effectively mitigated. Government should also implement new monetary policies for the well-being of the country. Apart from this, interest rates can be increased in order to reduce the impact of hyperinflation. Government of a country should also introduce new spending strategies in order to diminish the additional printing of currency notes (Dem & et. al., 2001). Why is there free trade between states in the United States but not necessarily between countries? Free trade is a policy with the help of which a government tends to enhance the opportunities of business in the economy thereby augmenting the GDP rate. Due to the emergence of free trade policy, mutual benefit can be attained by the trading partners from the varied business operations. Free trade is present among the states of United States (US) under the rules and regulations of North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and Canada-United States Free Trade Agreement (CUSTA). In addition, as the US is one of the members of both these trade agreements, free trade policy is implemented among the varied states within the economy. As a result, it includes numerous benefits namely increasing the employment, improving the standard lifestyle amid the citizens, increasing the income rates resulting in economic growth. Besides, there are many countries which are not participants of these trade agreements and hence do not encompass the facility of free trade to this similar extent (Farm Foundation, n.d.). When the world’


Business Econ Overview Hyperinflation is considered as one of the most significant socially disparaging phenomena in this era of globalization and industrialization. The term hyperinflation is also referred to as a type of inflation, which is extremely high and unmanageable in nature…
Business Econ Assignment
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