Opportunity Cost of Going to College, Marginal Analysis - Essay Example

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The purpose of this research is to investigate the following: the opportunity cost of going to college; the decision taken on a margin; the economic decision taken on a margin; the economic decision taken on the basis of average costs or total costspositive and normative…
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Opportunity Cost of Going to College, Marginal Analysis
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"Opportunity Cost of Going to College, Marginal Analysis"

Download file to see previous pages This research will begin with the statement that opportunity cost in economic terms is the cost of forgoing or sacrificing the consumption of one commodity or service in order to consume and derive utility from any other service or commodity. For computing opportunity cost of any commodity one has to take into account the next best substitute that has to be forgone or sacrificed. Under economies we generally compute opportunity cost in monetary terms. Considering the opportunity cost of going to college the next best alternative that can be sacrificed is the salary that an individual can get if he instead chooses a full time job. Such compromises are made each year. If the overall degree course the individual loses an annual salary of $80,000 in the three or four years. The commodities and services of opportunity cost for attending college are listed below:

Monetary cost of college: Attending college require a minimum amount that has to be spent on food, clothing.
Transportation costs: The student has to spend some amount of money each for attending. For the travelling expenses opportunity costs does not remain same and fluctuates frequently. This is because the student might choose not to attend college someday or he may choose to attend extra days than he usually does due to some extra class or some particular college meeting.

Income through sports: If the student is an athlete he may earn huge through various tournaments. But such a job mostly requires the sportsman to travel a lot.
In that case he may have to give up college. Clearly he has to choose between attending college and becoming a professional sportsperson (Gwartney, Stroup, Sobel and McPherson, 2009, p.29). Students dependent on parents: All the students attending college do not have to earn for their expenses. Sometimes students are dependent on their parents who take the responsibility of paying for all of their son’s or daughter’s expenses. In that case opportunity cost may be counted as zero (Gwartney, Stroup, Sobel and McPherson, 2009, p.29). Income in entertainment industries: Students who work as entertainers or pursue any other work in the entertainment industry have to spend a lot of time in the shoots or they may also have to travel abroad quite often. In that case too they have to choose between college and their work (Gwartney, Stroup, Sobel and McPherson, 2009, p.29). Missing T.V. shows: Attending college and pursuing a degree course also requires a student to study harder and appear for examinations. Thus in this respect the student would have less time for television and his favorite shows. In some cases while studying for college exams he might also have to miss out a big soccer match. Less leisure time: Attending college and then going for part time jobs- in this day to day busy schedule the student may not have any time left for leisure or spare time. Hence for attending college the student has to sacrifice leisure or any other activity that he used to perform during spare time. Higher Education: Attending colleges the student gets a professional degree. This may help the individual to earn higher income once he finishes college education than what he can earn currently by leaving college. 2. Marginal Analysis Decision taken on a margin Marginal analysis is a very important concept under microeconomics leading to efficient allocation of resources (McGuigan, Moyer and Harris, 2011, p.41). ‘Decision taken on a margin’ refers mainly to economic decisions. Alterations on the available amount of resources lead to such marginal decisions. It may be similar to decision making as simple as spending hours or money. Such decisions are assume to yield better output for a number of reasons. Firstly the decisions are made with full information on resources and shortages. Preferences and indifferences of an individual are also taken into account while making decisions. The involvement of analysis helps ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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