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Macro and Microeconomics - Essay Example

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Macro 13 Name: Course: College: Tutor: Date: Question one Given that a shirt marketed by Celio of Paris sells for 220 francs and the current exchange rates is 5.5 francs/dollar, the price of the shit in dollars can be determined. The exchange rate is 5.5francs/dollar meaning that one dollar is equivalent to 5.5 francs…
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Macro and Microeconomics
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Macro and Microeconomics

Download file to see previous pages... The exchange rate is 5.5francs/dollar meaning that one dollar is equivalent to 5.5 francs. Therefore, a Chrysler Neon costing 14,300 dollars will have the frank price calculate below: 1dollar = 5.5 francs 14,300 dollars= Franc price of Neon Using the principle of cross-multiplication, Price of Chrysler Neon = (14,300 dollars x 5.5 francs)/1dollar = 78,650 francs Question three Given that the franc depreciates by 9% and the initial exchange rate was 5.5 francs/dollar, the franc price of the shirt and dollar price of Chrysler Neon will be affected by the depreciation. If the franc depreciates by 9% from its previous dollar value, the dollar price of the shirt will also change as depicted in the following calculations. Depreciation = 9% Taking the original exchange rate, 5.5 francs/dollar, to be 100%, then the value after depreciation must be higher than the initial value by exactly the same amount as depreciation. New value = (100 + 9) % = 109% Therefore, the new exchange rate = (109/100) x 5.5 francs/dollar = 5.995 francs/dollar Hence, the new price of the shirt = (220 francs x 1 dollar)/5.995 = 37 dollars. ...
The reason is that as the products become cheaper, the domestic and foreign demand of the products will increase. As currency devaluation increases competitiveness, demand for the country’s export increases, resulting in an increase in aggregate demand. According to macroeconomic principles, an increase in aggregate demand will cause an increase in GDP (Boyes & Melvin, 2011, pg.273). On another monetary perspective, France receipt from foreigners might increase due to currency devaluation and exceed the outgoing payments hence leading to an improved balance of payments. The fact that increased supply of foreign money leads to low supply of domestic currency highlights that an upward pressure will be placed on the domestic currency. Together with expensive imports due to currency devaluation, this pressure results in high price levels as well as higher GDP and employment levels. On the other hand, the depreciation in French franc will decrease the aggregate demand in United States. The currency devaluation means that the dollar will be stronger against the franc. As a result, the US imports from France will increase as the products in the country become cheaper. Comparatively, US products will be expensive and unpopular in the domestic and foreign markets. Aggregate demand which is dependent on price levels will decrease as more people will be opting to buy from France (Boyes & Melvin, 2011, pg.273). In the meantime, the gross domestic production will decrease as demand decreases. In addition, the franc depreciation will lead to a fixed exchange rate that is lower than the equilibrium exchange rate. This makes it cheaper for Americans to buy French goods and expensive for French people to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Explain the difference between macroeconomics and microeconomics. How are these two fields related
The field of economics is divided into two different areas: Micro-economics and Macro-economics. Microeconomics is concerned with the fundamentals such as the supply and demand theories and it determines how individuals choose different commodities to produce and the process by which they price it.
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How does the study of microeconomics differ from that of macroeconomics
The underlying basis is scarcity, because that involves choice; and this selection is the subject matter studied under economics. Economics can broadly be categorized into two branches; Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. Microeconomics deals with the functioning of individual units within an economy.
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Assessment Item Macro and Microeconomics Essay
Hence according to the given study the price elasticity of demand for petrol in the short run as well as in the long run is inelastic because their PED lie between zero and one. 1b. The short run PED is smaller or relatively inelastic than the long run PED because it is often easier to switch between products in the long run than in the short run (Perloff 2003).
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Several international economic experts, following Nouriel Roubini of New York University, echoed the idea that gold is in bubble. However, since Roubini’s declaration in 2009, gold price has rose 50 percent (Durden).On the other hand, Marc Feber debunk that idea by explaining that gold’s appreciation to $1,900 an ounce reveals that there is no bubble.
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The current account balance can be obtained using the mathematical formula below; CAB = X - M + NY + NCT (Krugman & Wells, 2008). Where CBA is the current account balance X – Represents exports M – Represents imports NY – Represents Net income from abroad NCT – Represents current transfers A budget balance occurs where there is either a deficit or a surplus.
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However, there are some goals which may conflict with the other. This is because in order to achieve certain goal, there may be a need to sacrifice another. Because of this, countries need to prioritize their goals for their economies, assess the trade-offs and later on decide on the best way to achieve a certain goal.
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This type of assumed Gross Domestic Product is often referred to as potential gross domestic product and is often presented in budget statements (Thoma, 2012). It has however not always turned out that the potential gross domestic product values are achieved.
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The Difference between Macro and Microeconomics
Moreover, the author will have to take an examination the next morning. In the first case, it is assumed that the author has already prepared for the examination and does not need to study anymore. It is also assumed that the author is jobless. Driving to the concert will involve fuel cost.
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On top of the basic supply and demand theory, the study of economics also makes business owners gain better understanding about the market structure. Monopoly is possible through the use of
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Macro and Microeconomics
As the author of the essay puts it, the free market economy is based on the price mechanism because it fairly and efficiently set the price appropriately. It is also stated that one of the functions of price in a competitive market is that it allocates the scarce resources available optimally.
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