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Sponsorship/Donation offer letter - Essay Example

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SPONSORSHIP/ DONATION OFFER LETTER Dr. xxxxxxxx M/s xxxxxxxx Solutions Inc. Secretary, Funds Corporate Office World Wildlife Foundation xxxxxx Town Date ……………………. Dear Dr. xxxxxxxxx, We would like to appreciate your fund raising efforts to organize and manage the activities of M/s World Wildlife Fund for conserving the beauty and meaning of wildlife diversities across the globe…
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Sponsorship/Donation offer letter
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Extract of sample "Sponsorship/Donation offer letter"

SPONSORSHIP/ DONATION OFFER LETTER Dr. xxxxxxxx M/s xxxxxxxx Solutions Inc. Secretary, Funds Corporate Office World Wildlife Foundation xxxxxx TownDate ……………………. Dear Dr. xxxxxxxxx, We would like to appreciate your fund raising efforts to organize and manage the activities of M/s World Wildlife Fund for conserving the beauty and meaning of wildlife diversities across the globe. Considering the ethical concern of your organization from its vision and mission statements, we understand that your aim is to ‘build a future in which people live in harmony with nature by conserving the nature and to reduce the most pressing threats to the diversity of life on Earth (WWF Official Website). We understand that WWF aims at protecting the ecological balance by reducing pollution and strictly condemning the stands of human community against the overall natural tranquility offered by nature. It is clear from the objectives of WWF that it stands for the protection of rare species of animals and plants by creating awareness of the values of conservation of natural resources from excessive exploitation by mankind. We are proud to know that WWF is the largest organization to work for the regulation of rights of men with that of other living beings on the planet with the right capability to speak for the speechless tenants of earth. We are aware of the grant origin of the WWF in 1961 as a joint effort of 16 of the world’s leading conservationists with an aim to support the financial needs of the then existing wildlife organizations under the presidency of H.R.H Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands at the IUCN’s head quarters in Switzerland on September 11 (WWF Official Website) and the continuous efforts of the organization till the current presidency of Carter S. Roberts. We are expressing our unbound happiness to donate to the fundraiser campaigns of WWF after the evaluation of your activity zones from your official website as well as from the references of newsletters and reports from big names of the scientific and political world from among the member countries affiliated to WWF. We have found that the organization works for the nineteen specific conservation areas of geographical preferences and bio-diversities across the regions of Africa and Asia apart from Central, South and North America. We are also glad for the WWF’s effect on ensuring peace and harmony among diverse demographics under different political conditions in the member countries by focusing on the overall wellbeing of people with the safest approach to protect the earth for the future generations. As matter of fact, the visionary movements of the WWF is envious as it encourages a busy world population to pause and listen to the prospective of improving health standards by protecting nature and its all inhabitants. More apparently, we show our heartfelt appreciation for the WWF’s scholarships, grants and awards for the promotion of its objectives in the international level. We understand that the WWF currently focuses on the protection of endangered animal species apart from the conservation of natural resources for improvement of human life and health. We are also relaxed as individuals as the organization works for the protection of nature and its habitats from most of the natural calamities like cyclones, droughts, earthquakes and floods by creating awareness campaigns for promoting possible means of defenses against them. The means and strategies of the organization are highly appreciable as it introduces and governs policies to safeguard the nature and human life beyond the stipulated international political boundaries. While considering the importance of a sustainable harmony of living beings and nature, our organization has every sense of unconditional commitment to the principles and guidelines of WWF for the achievement of its objectives. We think the organization presently works for the achievement of safety of identified animals through adoption strategies in which every individual has an opportunity to offer his share to save the earth. We are also excited to know that the WWF offers seven animals – tiger, dolphin, panda, orang-utan, rhino, elephant and polar bear for adoption by receiving funds from individuals across the world. We appreciate all the endeavors of the WWF for the wildlife security and protection of earth and understand that such a universal attempt of meeting the objectives to their fullest effect requires a lot of expenditure. As we consider the great cause, we would say, it is the responsibility of everyone to support the WWF without hesitation. Though we are a very small dot in front of the size and objectives of your organization, we shall be delighted if you accept our humble donation of $XXXXXXX, and hence be proud that we could win a chance to prove our love for nature. Thanking you Yours truly Xxxxxxxxxxx Director of Finance Xxxxx xxxxx Solutions Inc. References WWF. Official Website. Retrieved from Read More
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“Sponsorship/Donation Offer Letter Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d.
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