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Macroeconomics and unemployment - Essay Example

In the monetary theory which is mathematically written as M.V=P.Q. in the prior equation, money velocity and quantity of goods are assumed as constants. They are respectively represented by initials V and Q in the equation. So it is safe to say increase in money supply would lead to an ultimate increase in price level (Layard & Layard, 2005, p 39). This is related to unemployment in the current economic events in the case that there is a decrease in the money levels in the economies in the world hence there is decrease in general price level of goods. This in turn leads to industries dropping the outputs. In the long run it leads to unemployment due to the fact of decreased output in firms (Layard & Layard, 2005, p 95). Monetary policy This is the process by which the monetary authority of a country, namely the central bank controls the supply of money. This is often targeted on the interest rates in the nation with the intention of ensuring economic growth and stability (Michl, 2002, p 76). Monetary policy is subdivided into types. These are: Inflation targeting Under this policy the goals are to maintain inflation at a desired range. This is achieved by the periodic adjustments to the central banks interest rates target. Changes in the rates are made in response to the various market indicators of economic forecast. When these are made it may lead to increase in interest rates. An increase in interest rates will mean that there is general increase in prices. These increases are accompanied

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Probably the most important are the following: technological development, development of transport infrastructure, growth of the role of international companies, etc. In any case, these reasons have led to creation of a global world. Global economy is one of the most essential areas of this world.
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Macroeconomics in Unemployment
Countries that have a high rate of unemployment are said to under utilize their resources. As the world’s population grows, job opportunities continue to shrink. This situation is getting worse by the day, as countries that have demonstrated their ability to eradicate unemployment have fallen into it again.
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Similarly, high unemployment rate does not augur well for the economy as it tends to raise the income disparity among the people. The paper attempts to explore how unemployment and inflation can be tamed through policy matters. The US has experienced high unemployment and high inflation rates in the past.
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Macroeconomics Article
For example, what to buy at the store, or how many products a company will make. The opposite is macroeconomics. Macroeconomics is that branch of economics in which we deal with the overall performance, nature, structure and behavior of a national or regional economy.
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Economics Coursework - Macroeconomics, Unemployment and Inflation
Zimbabwe is a country located in the borders of South Africa. In this country the economic is facing a disastrous hyperinflation
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Money & how it is created – Economics is the study of money in simple terms. Money can be notes, coins, credit / debit cards, deposits, gold and even land or such possessions which has some purchasing power. We
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It further explains the rational expectations of labour markets to predict behaviour of economy, from a macroeconomic view. Through these models and theories, factors contributing to
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The actual or realized expenditure is the amount households, firms and government spend on goods and services, i.e. GDP (Y), while planned expenditure (E) is the amount they would like to spend on the same goods and services. Now the three major determinants
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There are several macroeconomic variables like the rate of interest, the national income, the savings and spending rates and the existence of trade in the country, that are have their effect on these indicators. These indicators and their relationship with the
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by decrease in demand. In the ultimate end there will be decrease in outputs which will lead to unemployment. This is seen in the recent day unemployment cases (Michl, 2002, p 89). Price level targeting This is the same as inflation targeting with the only difference being that there is offsetting in subsequent years of the consumer price index. The main aim is to set the prices of commodities which will help the consumer to forecast. Because it deals purely on speculation, the probable increase in price will lead to the consumer hoarding money. This will lead to low buying rates which leads to unemployment in the long run as can be witnessed with the current world economics (Michl, 2002, p 67). Monetary aggregates This approach focuses on the increase or the decrease of constant supply of money. In the current economy there is a probability of decrease in money supply in the future due to inflation hence the money authority is holding back money in order for it to give money value. This has meant that there is little money flowing in the economy hence there are no work stations or firms willing to employ which has led to unemployment (Michl, 2002, p 34). Fixed exchange rates This policy tries to maintain a fixed exchange rate amongst countries. In this policy there monetary authority maintains the currency exchange rates in order to curb inflation. This can be done through holding onto money in the reserves which in the long run leads to lack of money due to minimal money supply and finally unemployment (Barro, 2008, p 56). Fiscal policy This is the use of government expenditure and revenue collection which in brief is taxation to influence the economy. If fiscal policies are undertaken they affect the economy directly. Governments use fiscal policies to influence the level of total demand in an economy. When the government increases it’


Macroeconomics and Unemployment Macroeconomics and unemployment Introduction Unemployment is the state at which an individual is willing and able to work and is looking for a job. Macroeconomics is a branch of economics which deals with the performance structure, decision making and behavior of the entire economy…
Macroeconomics and unemployment
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