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Immigration Myths - Essay Example

Cole attempts to contradict what he terms the five ‘current myths that distort public debate and government policy relating to immigrants.’ While his points are generally popular, they still represent an entirely biased viewpoint. The immigration issue is an emotional one for many and is usually one of the more important issues for voters which have not escaped the politicians notice. However no politician has offered a strategy that is suitable to the majority of Americans because the issues are complex as are the answers. There are reasonable counter arguments that can be made contradicting these viewpoints concerning the immigration debate, an aspect the article does not acknowledge. The first ‘myth’ Cole points to is that ‘America is being overrun with immigrants.’ “Much of the anti-immigrant fervor is directed against the undocumented but they make up only 13 percent of all immigrants residing in the United States and only one percent of the American population” (Cole, 1994). This number appears small and consequently insignificant but even if this number is taken as irrefutable fact, it is somewhat dated. This percentage should be significantly increased since the article’s publication. In addition, due to the massive numbers of illegal aliens coming across primarily the southern border

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The suppression of the Chinese came with several factors that predisposed it. Slave trade was suppressed in the mid nineteenth century where the planters from Latin America sourced for labor supply from china. This was common in the Caribbean region in America.
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The basic fact of immigration is that it has always been a reality, and the various types of benefits of immigration can be realized as the fundamental reason behind ever growing figure of immigration. Significantly, immigration is an international phenomenon and reality, and almost all the nations of the world are affected by this global phenomenon.
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Are American cultural myths just that--Myths
Like other countries, America also has a number of cultural myths that are of significance for the people of America. Its cultural myths have extended beyond its borders. The myth that America is a land of opportunity is of great importance for the people of America as well as to those who enter America with an idea that they will have some opportunity to uncover their fortune.
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Describe and Dispel Four Popular Myths about the US.Court System
This partition of powers allows for both the autarky and the impressive power play of the judiciary. This paper discusses four myths regarding the US Court Systems which is composed of various autonomous courts. Myth 1: Myth of Double Jeopardy The first myth is regarding the criminal justice system which under the Fifth Amendment of the US Constitution states that no person shall “be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb.” (Balko, 2011) This safeguard, also known as ‘double jeopardy’ according to popular belief deters the Courts from retrying the same person over and over for the same crime, until s/he gets a conviction.
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Creation myths
In both Inca and Egyptian creation myths, there are representations of the different worlds, each having their own unique features. In the Inca creation myth, the sky is divided in to two parts, the day sky and the night sky. While the day sky is full of brightness emanating from the sun, the night sky is empty until the creator god Pachacamac creates the stars, moon and planets to light it (“Inca Creation Myth”, 2011).
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Immigration: What is to be done
Immigration has been continuing in the US since years and many immigrants come to the US in the hope of a better future. During the nineteenth century, a large number of immigrants came to America from Ireland and Germany. Ireland was facing a famine whereas Germany was experiencing economic instability.
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Illegal Immigration Essay
When people migrate for the cause of staying there as a visitor they are known as tourists but if the people migrate the country to stay there in a manner to become citizen of that particular country this is called immigration and people are known as Immigrants.
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There are almost 10 to 11 million illegal migrants who perform crucial jobs in the economy. According to the Pew Hispanic Research Center 24% of all farm jobs, 17% of cleaning jobs, and 27% of
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Should immigration rights be stricter
More noncitizens have been deported than ever before since 2002. This has spurred a debate as to whether stricter immigration rights should be imposed or not. This paper draws a conclusion considering the effects of immigrants on the host country. Immigrants can
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The proponents of illegal immigration believe that opposition to the notions is based on racism. At the same time, other people thinks that illegal immigrants are equal to criminals because they break laws by crossing the border
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. David Cole’s article for The Nation, “The New Know-Nothingism: Five Myths about Immigration,” he condemns the ‘fear-mongering’ language of those who support laws that would greatly slow the current wave of immigration into the U.S., specifically that coming from Mexico…
Immigration Myths
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