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Construction Management Techniques - Essay Example

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Construction at Santiago Way Task 1.a Contrasting to older bureaucratic structures, modern strategies for managements and administration of companies are tending more to apply scientific and psychological strategies to develop various work-plans while maintaining a healthy and comfortable work environment…
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Construction Management Techniques
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"Construction Management Techniques"

Download file to see previous pages Unlike bureaucratic structures, those administrative systems offer every individual to work as a unit of a hierarchy to concentrate only over a segment of work to enhance his capabilities of production as a human resource. Consequently, it becomes the main responsibility of an individual to cope with the other parallel and serial units of hierarchy in a way that provides a smooth workflow throughout the structure and enhances the overall capability regarding quality and quantity of outcomes. This synchronization of individuals depends chiefly on the communication and information modules that individual fulfills. And, resultantly, communication and information framework becomes the utmost important area to be attended by the individuals as well as the administrative authorities. Task 1.b Depending chiefly to the basic framework and applied strategies, measure of company’s performance is rooted in the fact for how much it can comply with its mission statement that manifests the chief goals set by company. When a company spreads its dimension and transforms from medium to large company, it necessarily requires a metamorphosis of its applied strategies while still being firm to its ground framework which assures that company’s dealings will serve the continued purposes that had brought the company to a stage offering such transformation. Thus, a transformation from a medium to a large company requires a long term plan that initiates with the formula strategies of the company to the new offering that company achieves with expansions. Mostly, new demands also require building new strategies for specific cases. It is must to be farsighted and preplanned for such expansion which is only possible if a full plan is preset with the possible options and alternatives for tasks upcoming with forwarding and transforming. Task 2 Pre-construction requirements As the construction at Santiago way requires a small portion with two flats and a pair of semi detached house, the whole construction will require some earlier steps that will serve as the base strategy of the constructions. First of all, the documentation and authorization will be required to be locked before the site survey and construction planning. It will include a construction certification and council approving. Once the documentation and legal procedures are over, company may lead to site survey that will include an analysis of current and earlier weather, soil and ground condition. Overall pre-construction will finish up with the following steps: Legal documentation and authorization Earlier to site survey, a construction agreement and council permission will be required. Construction may lead to involve in various steps that involves excavation, refilling, noises and temporary hurdling of pathway that will be clearly mentioned in the documentations. Construction environment Survey History of the construction will be analyzed over the standard patterns. Estimated climate conditions, quality of soil, underground scab, domestic colony development plans, electric and water supply inlets and outlets will be examined and included in the survey. Site survey Regular visit to the site will involve a number of examinations over the elevation of the site and its foundational depth resting of underground layer. Various elevations and earth crust deformations will be mapped to find out how much space, equipments and labor ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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