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This paper talks about the recent tendencies in the economic development of China. The Chinese economy is the largest populated economy in the world, and it is working in the direction to develop its economic activities, in order to expand its business across national boundaries…
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Current State of the Economy in China
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Download file to see previous pages This paper presents a thorough analysis of the current state of the Chinese economy. The main focus of the paper is on the potential of foreign and domestic trade activities in the country. Impact of the reforms in the economic policy, pertaining to the trade sphere, is also considered.
The Chinese government in respect to foreign trade has worked to render some potential changes in this sector by removing some essential barriers pertaining to tariffs, and also reduced the level of monopolistic interventions of the different Chinese states. Even the foreign trade policies in relation to the export and import activities have been reformed by the Chinese government in terms of liberalizing the import licenses and enhancing the level of subsidies in regards to exports.
The ascension of China to the WTO has also largely impacted the trade policies of China concerning the domestic trade activities. Government of China through the reduction of subsidies connected related to requirement of growth of import activities in such sector and thereby explicitly desired the reduction of dependence on indigenous materials. This activity is found to be impacted through the enhancement of American interference where the government of America strongly desired the reduction of the Chinese potential. American interference to alter the realm of government policies pertaining to Chinese domestic trade can be understood from the potential threat which the American government faces from growth of Chinese power.
Thus American intervention is strongly observed altering the course of Chinese policy actions relating to domestic trade activities. The focus is rendered more on the energy sector of the Chinese economy which happens to render large amount of competition to the American region. Thus a fall in subsidies in the energy sector of China especially in the realm of wind energy helps countries like America to develop their potential in the international arena (Wolf). International and Domestic Trade Practices of China The trade practices of China pertaining to the domain of international trade of recent times is being widely accused for taking resort to a large amount of manipulation and adulterated activities. Developed countries around the world like United States and the European countries have in fact accused ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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