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The complexity of Management - Essay Example

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The complexity of management Introduction Complexity exists within an organisation because there is a usual process or activity that needs to be performed. There are varying situations involved on a daily basis and each department in an organisation has to handle them based on their specific tasks or roles…
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The complexity of Management
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Download file to see previous pages In this paper, the proponent clearly illustrates situations that identify existing complexities within an organisation. Marketing versus accounting department In most instances, there is always an ongoing clash between the accounting and marketing department. This is because of the meaning of accounting in an organisation seems to be broad (McSweeney, 1995). In order to understand this in detail, there is always a good reason to believe that each department has essential role or function to play in an organisation. In line with this, it is necessary that these specific functions have to be elaborately discussed in detail in order to find out why there is an ongoing complexity that exists within an organisation. A salesperson was having a hated argument with an accounting staff. The problem was actually within the bound of how they tried to handle customer service. The salesperson was so aggressive about creating a sale with the customer and he was always ready to shortcut the process just to be able to close the deal. However, the accounting staff understood her function clearly well. In other words, she was so aggressive about the implementation of what has been agreed within their department. As a result, there was a strong clash of personal interests of each department that went on between the accounting staff and salesperson. ...
In other words, some rules employed by the company may be altered just to be able to prioritise what is deemed important for the achievement of the ultimate goal of the company. The ultimate goal is to have excellent financial performance that will enable the company to continue operation. However, there may be always a compromise in the process. The accounting department is such a complex component of an organisation because it primarily involves finances in general. It involves the general role of an organisation to handle every necessary aspect in financial activities that will make the entire flow of the organisation run smoothly. For instance, cash flow is important and even return of investment is necessary in order that the operation will continue to have healthy performance. These activities are necessary and they are handled by the accounting department in general. However, their tasks have specific goals and objectives that in the process will run against the objectives of other departments. For instance, the sales department is there to help the accounting department reach the objective in obtaining healthy cash flow. The sales department is there in order to help the company reach its full potential in obtaining high return of investment that the bottom line is to have a positive healthy cash flow. However, this does not run smoothly as always as it might be expected. There are some specific concerns. For instance, the company may declare terms and conditions of payments. Some customers may ask about longer terms especially when they are trying to place high orders that are far from what is expected. Some companies may not have looked on this in advance but the accounting department may be strict about its ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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