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Supply & demand & elasticity issues. Theories of the firm. Macroeconomic issues - Essay Example

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The essay studies basic economic concepts and principles and estimates their relevance, discusses various theories of the firm and analyzes the impacts of macro-economic factors on the firms. All these problems are considered with particular reference to Spain’s economy…
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Supply & demand & elasticity issues. Theories of the firm. Macroeconomic issues
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Supply & demand & elasticity issues. Theories of the firm. Macroeconomic issues

Download file to see previous pages... The governmental actions include labor reforms which are discussed under a separate head. Supply & Demand and Elasticity Issues, Theories of the firm, Macroeconomic issues Table of contents PART ONE: Supply & Demand and Elasticity Issues 4 1. Supply and demand 4 2. Elasticity of demand 5 PART TWO: Theories of the Firm 7 1. Premises which underline the classical firm 7 Competitive markets 7 Perfect information 8 Full employment 8 Pricing of the products 9 2. Environmental changes 9 Role of the governments 9 Legal system 10 Globalization and liberalization 10 Corporate social responsibility 10 3. Theories of the firm 11 The Neoclassical Theory 11 The Transactions Cost Theory 12 The Principal–Agent Theory 12 Evolutionary theory 12 Behavioural theory 13 PART THREE: Macroeconomic Issues 15 i) GDP and Budget deficit 15 ii) Governmental actions and economy 16 Cuts in spending   16 Tax hikes 17 Borrowing money 18   Multiplier effect 18 Aggregate Demand 19 Aggregate Supply 20 Specific actions 20 iii) Supply side reform of the labour market 21 Conclusion 22 References 23 PART ONE: Supply & Demand and Elasticity Issues 1. Supply and Demand - Analysis of Statements “Both factors of demand depend on the market price. When the market price for a product is high, the demand will be low. When price is low, demand is high.” (Whelan & Msefer, 1996, p. 6) a) The price of a good falls, causing the demand for another good to rise. Hence, the two goods are substitutes. In fact in the case of substitutes, the demand for the substitute will fall leading to the price of the substitute to fall. Example: If the price of mutton falls, demand for mutton will increase, and not the demand for chicken which is a substitute for mutton. Conclusion: The statement is not correct. b)...
This essay presents a modern comprehensive analysis of the relevance of the fundamental principles of supply and demand and elasticity concept in the today`s world. Also various microeconomic theories of the firm are discussed in the paper, such as neoclassical theory, transactions cost theory, principal agent theory, evolutionary theory and behavioral theories.
The impacts of macro-economic factors on the firms are analyzed. The relevance of GDP and budget deficit to the operations of the firm in terms of its impact on their business is discussed with particular reference to Spain’s economy.
The micro and macro economic theories have been evolving over the period time in tune with the changes that have taken place. What is relevant during a particular period of time loses its validity under the changed circumstances. However, the understanding of these concepts is very important for charting out the new course of actions and formulate future strategy
Since 1945, many of the premises which underpin profit maximisation have been questioned, in particular whether firms operating in the real world actually behave like the “classical” firm.
There are changes which have taken place in the structure and/or conduct of industry that provide evidence to reject the “classical firm hypothesis”.
Maintaining flexibility in production and supplies is essential for responding quickly to the changes in the external environment which may be caused due to competition, governmental actions or state of the economy. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Elasticity And The Law Of Supply And Demand
The price elasticity of eggs is very low. The reason that the price elasticity is low is because there are no substitutes for eggs. The consumption of eggs continues to occur if prices rise because eggs are needed as part of a balance diet of 2000 or more calories.
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How Apple INC supply issues effect the demand of its products such as Iphone, IPAD
In economic studies, demand is always dependent on production & supplies. Several factors effect the overall supply chain management including customers, distribution centers, customer service centers, suppliers etc. Effect of certain factors with the help of simulations discussed by (Sunjay, 2004) IMPORTANCE OF CONTINEOUS SUPPLY OF A PRODUCT IN THE CONSUMER MARKET A commodity becomes a product by providing good services.
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Environmental Issues and Elasticity
Simply put, it is a unit-free measure. Price elasticity of demand is an integral part in pricing of goods when conducting business. In effect, the price elasticity of demand is a distinct demand curve. The demand curves are grouped on the basis of the size of price elasticity of demand.
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Macroeconomic concepts of Supply and Demand
This essay will help to understand the mechanism of the law of supply and demand. The law of supply and demand is represented in graphical form through the supply and demand curve. The supply and demand curve can have shifts or movements. Application of the law affects the behavior of all businesses that sell goods or services.
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Elasticity of Demand Essay
(Alfred Marshall, Principle of Economics(1890)) In the words of Paul A. Samuelson, "price elasticity of demand indicates the responsiveness of quantity demanded to the changes in market price." (Anthony Samuelson, Foundations of Economic Analysis, 1947).
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Elasticity of Demand
When we talk of product price, we mean market price. That is the price at which the product is sold to all buyers in the market. The quantity of a product that we purchase at a certain price is called the demand of the product. Price of a product and its quantity demanded are closely related in the sense that each of these has a bearing on another.
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Supply, Demand and Elasticity
The theory of supply and demand attempts to "describe, explain, and predict changes in the price and quantity of goods sold in competitive markets. The model is only a first approximation for describing an imperfectly competitive market." (Supply and Demand, 2006).
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Supply and demand and price elasticity
In simple words, market equilibrium is related to demand and supply. In order to understand the equilibrium situation in detail, let's first look at the meaning of the terms, demand and supply. Demand, simply, is a schedule or curve that shows the various amounts of a product that consumers are willing and able to buy at each of a series of possible prices during a specified period of time.
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Elasticity of demand
e in the industry is the price elasticity of demand which is the percentage change in quantity divided by the percentage change in price (Varian, 2003). The price elasticity of demand behaves differently depending on the market structure a firm operates in. This paper analyzes
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Concepts of Supply and the Elasticity of Demand

The author states that “cross-price elasticity” is a term that is used to measure the responsiveness of the demand for a given good to the change in the price of a competing good. This level of change is given as a percentage point and is derived as a function of measuring the percentage change in the price of the secondary good/commodity.

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