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A about anything related to object-oriented design(programming) - Literature review Example

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This review has been carried out on the basis of various sources related to the area of object-oriented design. The following research study began with the basic concept of object-oriented design that led to the investigation of the basic principles that govern an object-oriented design of software…
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A literature review about anything related to object-oriented design(programming)
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Download file to see previous pages Over the years, there have been many methodologies adapted for the analysis and design of systems. Some of them are Structured Systems Analysis and Design (SSAD), Rapid Application Development (RAD), Object-Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD). However one of the approaches that are frequently used by developers is object-oriented analysis and design. The respective idea was generated in the late 60s when programs and software started getting very complex. Object (2006) stated that the main purpose behind the inception of this concept was to model software on the basis of a real-world object. The simplicity of the logic of the object-oriented design attracted much attention from the developers and they started accepting it to a great extent.
Principles tend to provide a structured format of implementing and understanding something. Object-oriented design is also based on some principles that provide the essence of object-oriented approach in the software and prove to be a guiding factor in the direction of attaining a good design. The design is the vital image of the software and thus needs to represent all aspects in an effective yet simple manner. Martin (2000) pointed out that a good design will not be rigid or fragile; rigidity will cause the software to become inflexible to changes and fragility will cause the software to break at some places in case of eventual changes in the requirements. Principles tend to keep the software safe from such inconsistencies and constraints. Another aspect that is addressed by the presence of principles is immobility. Immobility is the inability of the software to be reused with other software that results in re-writing. If designs are based on the guiding principles then software can be easily used with other programs and modules. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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