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Conventional construction of webpages using HTML/XHTML and CSS results to static web pages; this is a disadvantage because the pages do not have behavior and thus not highly interactive to the visitor. What JavaScript does is it incorporates behavior within this web pages and…
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Supplemental Exercise
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The Purpose of Using Java Script® on a Website al affiliation Conventional construction of webpages using HTML/XHTML and CSSresults to static web pages; this is a disadvantage because the pages do not have behavior and thus not highly interactive to the visitor. What JavaScript does is it incorporates behavior within this web pages and significantly improving the visitor experience. For example, one is creating a webpage to sell products; using greybox a JavaScript one could make advertisement-like pop-ups to highlight offers or discounts.
In order to implement these pop-ups on the webpage; I shall use greybox JavaScript. The use of greybox is because some users browsers will prevent pop-ups from running. Greybox also is far more elegant than the traditional pop-ups making the page more the visitor. To implement greybox
1. Unpack and install the greybox package.
i. Require FTP access to the forums files. Unpack the greybox zip file on your computer and browse to the ‘greybox’ folder
ii. Using FTP, create a folder in the ROOT DIRECTORY called greybox.
iii. Now upload the contents of the ‘greybox’ folder to the newly created folder in the ROOT directory.
iv. Using FTP, create a folder in your COMMUNITY DIRECTORY called greybox.
v. Upload the contents of the greybox folder to the greybox folder in your COMMUNITY folder location.
2. Set up your IP board
i. Log in to your ACP then go to the look and feel tab, then > your skin > board header and footer wrapper and find
ii. After which insert the greybox and make relevant adjustment to the original to suit current use i.e.. Replace the URL to direct the visitor to the page you want displayed.
3. Test the installation.
In conclusion, JavaScript not only make webpages more user friendly but also significantly enhance general appearance of the webpage.
Stephen Chapman (2011), What is JavaScript Used For? Retrieved from Read More
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Supplemental Exercise Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 3.
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