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The focus in this paper is on application software that should be user-friendly and should be made sure that it satisfies all the requirements of the user regarding that particular application. It should be able to handle various requests of the user in minimum expected time…
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Application Software Design
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Application Software Design
Application software should be user friendly and should be made sure that it satisfies all the requirements of the user regarding that particular application. It should be able to handle various requests of the user in minimum expected time. Any application has to suit the environment in which it is being used. It should work effectively in all the situations. The basic requirements of the user must be analyzed before developing an application. It should not pose any sort of difficulty for the user as it may have negative effects.
Word processors include various features that enable the user to develop any text based applications according to their requirement. The existing word processors have innumerable options that can be used to develop effective documents. Although there are several word processors, only some of them make it to the user’s satisfaction.
Word processors are the technology’s new invention as a solution for creating text documents. It replaces the age old Notepad, WordPad and the manual typewriters that were used in creating such documents. This software comes with so many additional components that help in creating top notch documents. Including many features may sometime confuse the user as many users use them only to store text files. Ease of use should be the ultimate goal of any application. Creation of documents like reports, manuals and agreements have become so easy with this software when compared with the strenuous efforts put in creating such documents, a few years back.
Of the whole different set of word processors that are available, Microsoft Word is considered as the best word processing software and it is being used widely. The latest version of this software has plenty of components. But some of the features are not used in all the circumstances. A normal user who doesn’t have much about knowledge about all these can easily learn them on their own. A normal text document requires attributes like font size, font type and options to highlight some fields. The other features are not being used in these situations. (Andrews 2009) They can be used when a user wants to develop a document that needs picture insertion, formatting and page layout modifications.
Word processors can be used as a standalone application as it is not compulsory to have it dependant on other applications software. But, they are basically general purpose software and most of the times used simultaneously for different types of application. It can be merged with other related products that perform different functions on the same data, like a spreadsheet, database manager etc. In its main purpose, it is considered as general purpose application software.
Since this software is platform independent and has the compatibility to be integrated with other software, it is up to the technical team to identify the different types of software that can be integrated with the current product. The support teams have to get a hands-on on this software in order to find any difficulties in using this software. Also, their specific requirements have to be questioned and the answers have to be justifiable on the selection of this product. Questions have to be raised to the technicians in such a way that there doubts regarding the migration from old technology to new technology have to be clarified.
In a Computer Science major, there is no specific kind of data that is given higher priority. Since the field is basically about handling of data, any software developed is for the purpose of handling data for several other fields. And as far as data storage is concerned, it entirely depends on what kind of application it is being stored for. Hence most of the application data storage is application centric. Since the software chosen is a general purpose, the data related to this software can be stored in a general repository.
The development of technology has enabled various options to create any type of software that can be used in any type of environment. Irrespective of the platform, the developed application should work effectively and should satisfy the user’s needs.

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