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Great Gatsby - Film Adaptation - Term Paper Example

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The essay "Great Gatsby" investigates the adaptation of the eponymous novel, written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The central theme touched upon in history, the purposelessness of the being of the upper class and the American dream decline in the 1920s. Viewers can interpret the film in different ways…
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Great Gatsby - Film Adaptation
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Download file to see previous pages The events in “The Great Gatsby”  take place back in 1922. At the beginning of the film, Nick Caraway, who is a World War I veteran and a graduate of Yale University is given a salesman job in New York. After getting the job, he rents a house in Long Island, the village of West Egg next to Jay Gatsby (a younger and mysterious millionaire) who holds a series of extravagant parties without attending. Nick drives to have dinner with his cousin and her husband at East Egg. Daisy Pay (Nick’s cousin) together with her husband introduces Nick to Jordan Baker. Nick starts a romantic relationship with Jordan, who is a cynical younger golfer. Jordan reveals to Nick that Tom has a mistress called Myrtle Wilson who lives in a dumping ground located between New York City and West Egg. After the revelation, Nick travels together with Tom and Myrtle to New York and had a party at the apartment. The party ended with Tom breaking Myrtle’s nose because she mentioned Daisy several times.
At the time of summer, Nick receives an invitation to the Jay Gatsby parties. At the party, Nick encountered Jordan Baker. They both mate Gatsby and he recognized Nick since they were in the same division in the World War I. Nick realized that Gatsby knew Daisy from the romantic relationship they had in 1917, and he was in love with her again. Gatsby spends nights looking at the window of the mansion hoping that one day he will have a romantic relationship with Daisy. Gatsby holds extravagant parties in order to attract Daisy hoping that Daisy will come back to her house again. Nick pleads to help Gatsby by inviting Daisy for a cup of tea to her house. Daisy attended not knowing she will meet Gatsby. They both mate and connected again and eventually started having a romantic relationship again. Tom suspected that Daisy and Gatsby had a relationship, and he was worried despite that he also had a mistress. Tom confronted Daisy with Gatsby at the Plaza hotel. Tom told Daisy that Gatsby did not love her, and also he acquired his wealth through criminal activities. He ordered Daisy to go back to East Egg together with Gatsby. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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