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Analysis of The Old Man and the Sea - Book Report/Review Example

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This paper "Analysis of The Old Man and the Sea" discusses the novella that served to exhibit Hemingway’s level of creativity. The outstanding account of an old man struggling to make something out of life despite his challenges is a reflection of the situation faced by many people…
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Analysis of The Old Man and the Sea
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Extract of sample "Analysis of The Old Man and the Sea"

Download file to see previous pages The story focuses on an old fisherman and his encounters in the sea (Hemingway 1). After a long period of bad luck in his fishing career, the old man decided to go further away to the sea, so that he could have a catch after a long time. This paper will focus on analyzing Hemingway’s story and highlighting the struggles of the old man.

The old man names Santiago is a Cuban fisherman focused on making a living out of fishing. His close friend is a young boy Manolin. For 84 days, the old man Santiago has not succeeded in catching any fish. These have been the longest days in his life that have proved to be luckless. The old man seems to have a bad fortune in his fishing career (Hemingway 2). The fact that the 84 days spent in the sea have not yielded anything means that the old man does not have any food. For this reason, Manolin, the young boy ensures that the old man has something to eat. The boy adores the old fisherman and proves to be very kind to him. For the 84 days that Santiago has not been lucky, the young boy has been accompanying him to the sea. Notably, the young boy intends to learn the trade from the old Santiago. Santiago dreams of African lions continuously in memory of his younger days, (Bharadwaj and Bhuyan 480). He is well aware that he had more strength that is physical during his younger days. As an old man, he is only struggling to make a living and has limited physical strength, but with much skill from his many years of practice.

On the 85th day, the old man decided to go on a fishing mission alone. Mandolin gave him tuners that he would use as his bates during the fishing mission. After many days with no catch, the old man decided to go further into the sea in order to try his luck once more. After moving into the sea, he managed to catch a very big fish judging from its weight. He was unable to pull the fish into his boat. The fish exhibited a determination to stage a fight for its life. For this reason, the old man struggled with the fish for several nights and days. It was only after the fish got tired that the old man managed to pull it into his boat.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Analysis of The Old Man and the Sea Book Report/Review.
“Analysis of The Old Man and the Sea Book Report/Review”.
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