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OConnors Fiction and Debates on Good and Evil - Literature review Example

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The following paper under the title 'O’Connor’s Fiction and Debates on Good and Evil' gives detailed information about Flannery O’ Connor’s fiction which is known to have provided one of the most exemplary depictions of religion in twentieth-century American fiction…
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OConnors Fiction and Debates on Good and Evil
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Extract of sample "OConnors Fiction and Debates on Good and Evil"

Download file to see previous pages This paper shall seek to engage with works of O’Connor’s fiction and related debates on good and evil. O’Connor argues that good and evil are relative states and while a person may not be good at a certain point of time, he or she may, through another lens, appear so.
One such instance is the character of Francis Tarwater from the novel The Violent Bear It Away. On the one hand, one may think of him as a despicable character who murders a differently-abled child who is related to him. This murder is also committed at the behest of a character named Vice who is almost always associated with the devil, who is the embodiment of evil in many narratives. The murder, however, also becomes a symbolic baptism as far as Bishop is concerned. Despite the fact that such a reading provides no agency at all to the character of Bishop, it is one that is sanctioned by the emphasis on religion in the narrative. The gothic aspect of the novel favors such a reading. The act of murder then combines in itself the idea of good and evil, in the religious sense. While Baptism would be considered good by any reading of Christianity, murder is a cardinal sin against God, according to Christianity. According to Miles Orvell, such a passionate engagement with God is something that characterized many characters in the works of O’Connor (66). The act of murder, ironically, is what turns the protagonist of the novel into a path of belief in God. The good and the evil are thus, not clearly demarcated areas in the novel or for that matter any of O’Connor’s works. Characters like Francis Tarwater display a singular unwillingness to be typecast into roles of heroism villainy in the traditional sense of being good or evil. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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OConnors Fiction and Debates on Good and Evil Literature review.
(OConnors Fiction and Debates on Good and Evil Literature Review)
OConnors Fiction and Debates on Good and Evil Literature Review.
“OConnors Fiction and Debates on Good and Evil Literature Review”.
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