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Outstanding Author Gail Godwin - Research Paper Example

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The paper "Outstanding Author Gail Godwin" highlights that Godwin’s early novels represent a strong relationship to the literary traditions of the past while still revealing a unique voice, an important unifying characteristic of the literary canon works. …
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Outstanding Author Gail Godwin
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Extract of sample "Outstanding Author Gail Godwin"

Download file to see previous pages How an author appears in the canons is thus a subjective matter of opinion, but an opinion that is generally well-informed and typically well-read. When considering new authors for the literary canon, there are a number of factors that should be considered including the work itself and the way in which it engages with the social and political trends of the times in which it was written. Because the concept is not always well-defined, it is sometimes difficult for people to understand why some titles should be included in the canon. However, after looking more closely at the formation of the literary canon and then at the works of the outstanding author Gail Godwin, it is clear that this author has already earned her place within today’s contemporary literary canon.
The problem with determining which works should be included in the literary canon begins with the amorphous meaning of the term and its application to authorial works. According to the American Heritage Dictionary, the most applicable definitions of the word canon include “an authoritative list, as of the works of an author” and “a basis for judgment; standard; criterion” (2010). There is a sense within these definitions, and the other definitions provided for the term, that the standards are set by an authoritative body of some kind – a higher awareness of what is ultimately good or meritorious in its execution. “Those who decide whether a work will be canonized include influential literary critics, scholars, teachers and anyone whose opinions and judgments regarding a literary work are also widely respected. For this reason, there are no rigid qualifications for canonization, and whether a work will be canonized remains a subjective decision” (Pryor, 2010). Without clear definitions, clear qualifications or a clear understanding of the accepted authoritative body who makes the decisions regarding which works to canonize, it would seem any literary work could foster a reasonable expectation that it also has a chance to be canonized in some way.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Outstanding Author Gail Godwin Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words - 9)
Outstanding Author Gail Godwin Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words - 9.
“Outstanding Author Gail Godwin Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words - 9”, n.d.
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