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Christian and Pagan Elements in Beowulf - Research Paper Example

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The author states that the unknown author of Beowulf is supposedly a Christian monk since the elements in the poem are marked more by the Christian spirit than paganism. Apart from Christian undertone, the character of the king and the hero reveals idealism and nobility…
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Christian and Pagan Elements in Beowulf
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Download file to see previous pages The idealistic qualities of bravery, loyalty, and generosity rule the cultural set up of Anglo Saxon era (Hieatt). The land of Scandinavia is not yet Christianized and the people follow a culture, which does not conform, to the modern times. Despite all, certain Christian and pagan elements are found in the epic poem and it has often been claimed that the author was a Christian monk.
‘Beowulf’ based upon the unequaled hero of the time appears to be an epic poem which celebrates the beginning and ending. (Crossley-Holland, 33; Swanton) Initially, we are brought in contact with Scyld Scefing and the rise of Danes. The author introduces Scyld as ‘a great king’ and introduces Beowulf who says that his father held a good repute and was the noble leader of war named Ecgtheow (Swanton, 47) Later one finds Hrothgar addressing Beowulf, rather recalling his identity with the help of his memories of his ancestors. He says that he was familiar to him when since his youth and that his father who has passed away was called Ecgtheow with whom Hrethel of Geats had married his only daughter. He declares that his son was there and was a faithful friend (refers to Beowulf) with a renowned repute in war (Swanton, 53). Hrothgar with deep faith in God is quick to address Beowulf as the godsent rescuer – “Holy God in his mercy has sent him to us, the West Danes, to meet the terror of Grendel, or so I hope” (Swanton, 53). Although the Danish prince has never seen Beowulf, he takes little time to recognize him and acknowledge his identity with the help of his ancestral linkage and in spite of being unfamiliar with his real status, Hrothgar permits him to enter his territory merely by hearing the mention of his name and the magnificence of his ancestry. (Maslov)    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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