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The Great Gatsby Characters - Research Paper Example

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This paper "The Great Gatsby Characters" focuses on the fact that Fitzgerald’s seminal work, The Great Gatsby, offers insights into the use of literary devices in combination with brilliant narrative development. A good deal of the novel’s true genius rests in the character development.  …
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The Great Gatsby Characters
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Download file to see previous pages To convey the validity of the American Dream, Fitzgerald presents them as the type of people likely to use others and put wealth and superficial qualities above all else. With specific emphasis on descriptive phrases, the corruption of money, and valueless relationships, this essay traces Fitzgerald’s use of characterization throughout the Great Gatsby.
Fitzgerald makes excellent use of descriptive phrases to demonstrate the underlining vapidity of the characters’ existences. Haupt indicates descriptive phrases used to convey this superficial lifestyle. “Bootlegged gin, cigarettes placed into mouths following the clicking shut of their golden cases, gowns, suits, chauffeurs. Games, double meanings, illicit affairs, fortunes made in mysterious ways, drinking to drown an awkward moment or the quiet disappointment of your life” (para. 1). Even from the novel’s beginning epitaph, the reader understands that money and its importance is always on Gatsby’s mind:
That “gold hat” includes Gatsby’s decision to change his name, Jimmy Gatz, to one that will assure him success in life. He doesn’t like his real name as representative of the old Jimmy and believes he must sacrifice truth [his name] in order to create a more positive image, one that exudes success and “self-assurance” (Bloom 75). It is a superficial adjustment, since a name is only that and it is what a person does that matters, or should matter to anyone who meets him, whether in business or socially.
The name change, in another sense, represents part of the gold that he must wear to achieve success and Daisy’s love. The use of the words [gold hat] in the epigraph clearly indicates that someone [Gatsby] is telling himself to use the glitter of material deception in order to win a girl despite advise from Nick later in the story that “You can’t repeat the past” (Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby, 116). “This is precisely what Gatsby does – he wears a "gold hat" (not literally, but figuratively) to win Daisy” (What’s Up With...para.2-3).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Great Gatsby Characters Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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