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A Darwinian Literary Analysis of Buried Child by Sam Shepard - Research Paper Example

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The author focuses on Literary Darwinism, a new stream of literary criticism has always stressed the assumption that “literature and other arts have an adaptive function” in human society. The author also analyses "The Buried Child" play written by Sam Shepard  …
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A Darwinian Literary Analysis of Buried Child by Sam Shepard
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Extract of sample "A Darwinian Literary Analysis of Buried Child by Sam Shepard"

Download file to see previous pages Sam Shepard was in a sense, adapting the stark realities of the life of lower classes in Western America to the blown up picture of the Great American Dream through this play. The dilapidated farmhouse itself, in which the story is depicted, creates an ambiance that foretells doom. Every character that is introduced adds on to this fragmented existence and a once hopeful past and a distress-ridden present un reveal slowly.
According to Charles Darwin, who formulated the theory of evolution, as quoted by Carroll (p.1 in the introduction), “evolution including human evolution, develops toward no specific goal, and the values of any given culture are relative to a specific adaptive situation.” ‘Buried child’ is about certain values within a certain social ambiance. The plot of the play unfolds around a feared secret that every member of the family wants to leave undisclosed even at the cost of the decay of the family itself. The secret is nothing else than the incestuous act of the mother and her son together in which she gave birth to her son’s child. Thus the play becomes an allegory of how the departure from the value system in a given social ambiance makes people lose their adaptive edge as well.
The narrative of the play instruct the viewer about the consequences of maladaptation, nurture altruism even amidst mutual distrust and in the end, promote social and moral values that will generate responsible, caring parents and encourages pair bonding by imparting negative examples (Belsey, 117).    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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A Darwinian Literary Analysis of Buried Child by Sam Shepard Research Paper.
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