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Analysis of Mark Twains The War Prayer - Book Report/Review Example

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"Analysis of Mark Twain’s The War Prayer" paper focuses on the book of Mark Twain, a great American writer of the 19th century, in which he used his ability to create a ‘hometown America’ atmosphere to show the moral conflict that an attitude of absolute righteousness can create…
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Analysis of Mark Twains The War Prayer
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Extract of sample "Analysis of Mark Twains The War Prayer"

Download file to see previous pages As a satirist and journalist, Mark Twain wrote some of the most influential works in American literary history. His work has influenced the stereotype of American life. Within his words are the images that typify the 19th-century experience with the whitewashed fences, the steamboats on the Mississippi, and the raft on the river, rolling lazily along on a hot summer day. However, within this writing one can find a deeper truth about the greater American experience of all its inhabitants. While creating a warm and charming atmosphere, Twain commented on racial discrimination and the false ‘superiority’ that the policies of the American government. 

As it is popularly known in this time, the name Mark Twain was a name used for writing purposes. Twain was born Samuel Langhorne Clemmons in Hannibal, Missouri in 1835. His body of work has inspired children and adults with its humor and depth of character which embraced the American experience using common speech and clever turns to tell stories that take a slice out of American life from the middle south.

Clemmons did not shy away from political commentary. As he told his stories, his views on the relationships between people would microcosm larger issues that the nation of that time faced. In his poem “The War Prayer”, a sense of his views was so strong that he had to postpone its publication. His humor and his viewpoint would influence generations that read his work.

By the age of sixteen, Twain had published his first writing in a Boston magazine. His first chosen career was that of a riverboat pilot which would influence many of his stories. He published "Old Times on the Mississippi," which was incorporated into Life on the Mississippi.”(Emerson), which was a description of being a riverboat pilot. He told the story of how he came to be a pilot and what this opportunity had given him. It was this experience that leads him to his pen name. “(H)e began the use of the river leadsmen cry "Mark Twain" (two fathoms of water, just deep enough for a steamboat to pass) as a pen name for his humorous writings.” (Lauter)  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Analysis of Mark Twains The War Prayer Book Report/Review.
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