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Henry V by Shakespeare and the Rover by Aphra Behn - Book Report/Review Example

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In the following paper “Henry V by Shakespeare and the Rover by Aphra Behn” the author will try to understand, analyze and perhaps, even criticize the attitudes and values of Henry V and Willmore as both responded to the weight of events in their life. …
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Henry V by Shakespeare and the Rover by Aphra Behn
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Extract of sample "Henry V by Shakespeare and the Rover by Aphra Behn"

Download file to see previous pages Henry V recognizes that his kingship is not a rule of lavishness but a rule of service. Summarising everything of what Henry is, Nym, a commoner, and thief, claimed: “The King is a good King…” (Shakespeare, Henry V)
Second, his glib of tongue he uses to empower his soldiers, to give life and courage to his downtrodden men. He does not use his eloquence to deceive nor to perpetuate lies. Rather, he uses his articulateness to restore the bravery of his soldiers, to supplicate God in his favor. All of which is a recognition that Henry V values more the camaraderie that he has with his soldiers above anything else. And this he succinctly shows even as a young King. He said to his men as they are about to fight “Once more unto the Breach, Dear Friends…the blast of Warre blows in our ears, Then imitate the action of the Tyger;…you Noblish English, Dishonour not your Mothers: now attest That those whom you called Fathers did beget you…Let us sweat that you are worth your breeding…teach them how to you stand like Grey-Hounds in the slips, Follow your Spirit…” (Shakespeare, Henry V)
Third, he is a man of valor and honor. Instead of cowering and hiding behind the lines of his soldiers he showed them, he leads them in the fight, he strengthened they are resolved, he didn’t hide from the emblem of his kingdom. His valiance in the war was enough to reinvigorate and reaffirm his soldiers who were at war with him as the chorus sang “Now all the Youth of England are on Fire…Now through the Armorers, and Honors thought Reigns solely in the breast of every man They sell the Pasture now, to buy the Horse; Following the Mirror of all Christian Kings….” (Shakespeare, Henry V) ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(Henry V by Shakespeare and the Rover by Aphra Behn Book Report/Review, n.d.)
Henry V by Shakespeare and the Rover by Aphra Behn Book Report/Review.
(Henry V by Shakespeare and the Rover by Aphra Behn Book Report/Review)
Henry V by Shakespeare and the Rover by Aphra Behn Book Report/Review.
“Henry V by Shakespeare and the Rover by Aphra Behn Book Report/Review”.
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