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A Very Crucial Process in Literature - Personal Statement Example

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This paper “A Very Crucial Process in Literature” will seek to summarize points required in academic writing. First, listening to others in academic writing is shown as a very crucial process. The argument is that it is good not to focus on one's ideas before responding to other people ideas…
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A Very Crucial Process in Literature
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Download file to see previous pages Making statements that are logical, well-supported, and consistent is viewed as a key thing to a writer. For example, in writing an argument, one has to know how to enter a conversation with other views. Moreover, the conversation should be seen as a response to others, and this will make it more credible. One is also required to acknowledge others in the conversation. Moreover, one needs to understand the importance of critics. Critics are shown as playing a role in deriving a conversation (Graff and Birkenstein 26).
Moreover, there is an argument that making a sentence that does not require a response is not good in academic writing. The author’s notes that are agreeing and disagreeing at the same time are the recommended route (Graff and Birkenstein 28). The effect is that one can make a more complicated argument. The complication is also noted as neutralized by the use of phrases such as on the other hand (Graff and Birkenstein 29). These phrases are also noted as good in structuring sentences in academic writing.
In addition, there is an argument that template boosts creativity. As noted by the authors, it will help one get more original and creative and not otherwise as some of the students' beliefs (Graff and Birkenstein 31). There is an acknowledgment that even other creative forms depend on established concepts and structures. Creativity is shown not to depend on avoiding established ideals but through the imaginative use of those ideals. In writing, templates are only used to help one is saying the things he/she thinks about and hence originality is maintained in the process. As noted, using the template for a long time makes one get used to a point of not referring to them when it comes to writing.
Moreover, writers are urged to be critical thinkers in any given conversation. Critical thinking is said to help a writer takes part in debate and conversation in a confident manner (Graff and Birkenstein 33). Ideas are generated from interaction with other people and not by an individual staying isolated from others. Hence, writers will be more informed and be able to engage in a conversation through proper listening. This helps one to think critically and sometimes may act as a base to change one believes and perceptions. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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