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This essay “Man's Search for Meaning” investigates how ‘Death in Tehran’ illustrates the key points of Viktor E Frankl, "Man’s Searching for Meaning”. Viktor Frankl uses the fable, “Death in Tehran” to present the concept of fear and how human beings are responsible for their own fates…
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Mans Search for Meaning

How ‘Death in Tehran’ Illustrates the Key Points of Viktor E Frankl, "Man’s Searching for Meaning”.
Viktor Frankl uses the fable, “Death in Tehran” to present the concept of fear and how human beings are responsible for their own fates. He presents humans as their own enemies by allowing their own fear to make their suffering and death come about. Using his own personal experiences, Frankl presents the premise that the primary psychological motivation of the human beings is meaning. There is nothing as joy and suffering since these two concepts are relative depending on the perception of different people. This is because the physiological nature of people is influenced by choices made by humans. In “Death in Tehran”, suffering and death of the servant is a result of his own fear and his choice of going to Tehran to meet with death.
The fable shows that suffering is an essential part of life which makes life more meaningful and worth existence. Frankl views suffering and death as two major concepts which bring meaning to life. Suffering and death completes the fate of humans. He notes that suffering can longer be viewed as suffering at the moment when it finds meaning. The more one suffers and accepts his fate by taking up his cross bravely, unselfishly and dignified, he gets an opportunity to give deeper meaning to his life.
Frankl also notes that suffering and death are part of human’s life and thus, cannot be escaped or avoided. The best thing is to face suffering with dignity and bravery as it helps in coping with difficult situations. Coping with suffering adds meaning to life and gives it a new profound purpose. In the fable, death was surprised to see the servant far from Tehran but still the fate of the servant was fulfilled without fail. By using the Logotherapy theory, Frankl advocates for pursuit of things which add meaning to life as opposed to pleasure or joy.

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