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Gender roles are defined by marriage, where the man is expected to remain committed to the family’s upkeep and to the woman, loyalty and love is all that is required at the domestic setting. However, gender roles in the marriages are defined by deceit, false love, and…
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Download file to see previous pages The trio is the face of the novel. Gender influences the social class and serves as the bridge to acquiring material wealth in the society. Women are depicted as less important to the economy, but their relationship with men readily earns them a place in whichever social class their man belongs. However, most of the characters are depicted as experiencing certain autonomy or lack of it and are expected to play their respective roles honestly and according to the traditions.
Throughout the novel I have noticed that honesty falls short of defining the characters’ kindness. Nick manages to admire Gatsby irrespective of the character’s illegal businesses. Ironically, Daisy with all the corruption hanging over her head takes issue with Gatsbys dark past. This implies everyone irrespective of the baggage they carry has the moral responsibility to raise a finger over the intolerable excesses of another party. In addition, the story suggests moral conscience worries only the poor in society. The rich and the young are depicted as having the wherewithal to correct any cases of moral decay facing them.
In Winter Dreams, youth is depicted as associated with high optimism, strength, and victory in life, since the group has time on their side. Members of the group are portrayed as very ambitious; for instance, Dexter is unwavering to make lots of cash and when this becomes a reality, his ambition evolves into one that is aimed at making life more comfortable. In fact, building a resource empire is almost trivial to Dexter’s main ambition of scaling the social ladder from the earlier humble beginnings he has lived ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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