Feminism in a Dolls House by Henrik Ibsen - Assignment Example

In the paper “Feminism in a Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen” the author focuses on an intriguing tale of the domestic situation of the Helmers. The play is a perfect blending of suspense, blackmail, love, deception and women emancipation. Ibsen’s writings are famous for its socialist contexts…
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Feminism in a Dolls House by Henrik Ibsen
Download file to see previous pages As the play commences Nora is projected as a typically naive, openhearted woman basking in her husband’s love and affection where she continuously gives in to her husband’s views and opinions and curbs the desire to voice her own. As it is apparent from their mild argument over spending and loans when Torvald says, “A home that depends on loans and debts is not beautiful because it is not free” Nora finally acquiesces and says, “Everything as you wish, Torvald” (Act 1). The docility with which Nora accepts her husband’s point of view initially projects her to be a victim of a woman living a voiceless life.
From a structural point of view, Nora’s character develops over the course of the play as it is apparent from her first conversation with Mrs. Linde that initially she is projected to be childlike in her understanding of the world. Over the course of the play, her character will develop in terms of education, maturation, and the shedding of her supposed naiveté. While Nora clings to the romantic notions about love and marriage, Mrs. Linde has a more realistic understanding of marriage, gained from her experience of being left with “not even an ounce of grief” (Act 1) after her husband’s death. Nora’s incredulity at Mrs. Linde’s remark indicates that Nora has lived a sheltered life first under the protection of her father and then her husband. ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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