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Symbolic meaning in Hawthorn's writings - Term Paper Example

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In line with this, an insightful look into his symbolism is quite important for one to have a good understanding of his novels. In literature, symbols often are more often concrete…
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Symbolic meaning in Hawthorns writings
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"Symbolic meaning in Hawthorn's writings"

Download file to see previous pages This essay will explore the symbolic meaning in the works of Hawthorn.
Hawthorne has a unique atmosphere for symbolism in his works especially in The Scarlet Letter. This is because Puritans viewed the world via allegory. For the Puritans, simple events, for instance a meteor passing through the night sky, turned out to be moral or religious interpretations for human events. There were objects, for example the scaffolds which were ritualistic symbols representing such perceptions as penitence or sin. While the Puritans interpreted such rituals into repressive and moral exercises, Hawthorne revolves their translations in The Scarlet Letter. It is worth noting that the Puritan community regards Hester as a fallen lady, Dimmesdale is regarded as a saint, and Chillingworth is regarded as a victim- he is a betrayed husband. However, Hawthorne presents Hester as a lady who is an embodiment of a sensitive creature with emotions and a heart; Dimmesdale is presented as a minister having weak morals and one who cannot be able to confess any nature of hidden sins in him; and Chillingworth as a man who is the worst offender of the human race, single-mindedly chasing an evil goal. The embodiment of Hawthorne of these characters is refuted by the mentality of the Puritans: When the novel ends, even hearing and watching the confession of Dimmesdale, many Puritan community members are still in denial of what they witnessed. Therefore using these characters as symbols, Hawthorne unveils the dismal underside of Puritanism which creeps beneath the public faithfulness.
A number of the symbols which Hawthorne uses change their meaning, as per the content, though some are static. Illustrations of static symbols are Reverend Wilson who embodies the Church, or Governor Bellingham, a representation of the State. However, quite a number of the symbols that Hawthorne uses change- especially his characters- depending on the way they ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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