Analysis of the Poem Beowulf - Literature review Example

 This review discusses the Position on the author’s reason for the writing of the poem Beowulf. The intersection between these two belief systems is evident with the presence of the dragon in Beowulf when the old Beowulf slew the dragon to protect his kingdom…
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Analysis of the Poem Beowulf
Download file to see previous pages The setting was around 500 A.D. in Denmark almost at the same time when Scandinavian Vikings converted into Christianity. The intersection between these two belief systems is evident with the presence of the dragon in Beowulf when the old Beowulf slew the dragon to protect his kingdom albeit it also killed him with its venomous bite. Thus it can be deduced from this element in the narrative that the Christian poet who first narrated Beowulf had the reason and intention of using the poem as a means to propagate Christianity among Anglo-Saxons who have not yet convert to Christianity.
Christian mythology’s origin can be found in Beowulf such as the dragon and the evil Grendel and its mother although the Christian version may have evolved it to a witch or an evil spirit. Beowulf, the character may have been the basis of the English Knight (which was later adopted by the western world of different orders such as Order of the Knight of the Temple or Knights Templar, Knights of Malta, Hospitalliers etch). Thus it can be inferred further that Beowulf helped spread Christianity in the western world because it has successfully converted the Vikings into Christians making the once barbarous warrior a nobleman by instilling the values of Beowulf into him.
King Hrothgar of Denmark built a great mead-hall called Heorot where his people gathered to drink and feast with their king. The noise of their merriment, however, angered Grendel. Grendel is a demon who lives in the swamps and came to attack the people of King Hrothgar. The king’s warriors fought back but were not able to defeat the demon and lived in terror and fear for years. Beowulf heard the terror that terrorizes King Hrothgar's kingdom and sailed to Denmark to help the king and defeat the demon Grendel.
King Hrothgar welcomed Beowulf and held a feast to honor Beowulf.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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